Best Exercise Bike for People With Arthritis

Here we look at what is the best choice of indoor bike, for anyone suffering from arthritis. As you may already know, arthritis is a disease that impacts on the bones, and cause varying levels of pain. So in essence, anywhere there are bones, mainly joints in the body, there is a chance that they can eventually suffer from arthritis.

It is however most common in the hands, the knees and the back area. People can have it in just one area of the body, or in several parts of the body. The severity of the actual arthritic pain can also vary quite a lot.​

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According to the National Health Service statistics in the UK, around 10 million people suffer from some type of arthritis.​ This as you can see is quite a common condition, and one that can cause inflammation and pain in the joints.

Types of Arthritis

best exercise bike for arthritis

There are essentially two types of arthritis which are:

  1. Osteoarthritis - ​this is by far the most common and affects around 8 million people in the UK. This happens most in older people and women and usually shows up in the hands, knees, hips and spinal area.
  2. Rheumatoid Arthritis - This is most common in older ladies and the arthritis happens due to a weakening of the body's immune system

Is Age Related to Arthritis?

It is a fact that the older we get, the bigger risk we have of having arthritis. That said it can impact on people of any age. In younger people it is of course much rarer. Despite the pain of joints, many people still wish to retain a certain level of fitness.

The important thing is to go about keeping fit in the safest way possible. That means that you should strongly consider forms of low impact exercise. I shall explain more of what that means later in this article.​

​Relief from Arthritis

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There is no actual cure and mainly this is treated with pain killers. Hip and knee replacements can help those suffering from a severe condition.

Generally speaking though pain killers and exercise will work the best. Often doctors may prescribe some type of anti-inflammatory drug.

Other treatments include massage and various forms of physiotherapy.​ These simply provide relief though, rather than offering any type of permanent solution.

One of the best methods of controlling pain is of course to exercise on a regular basis. Even something as simple as a short walk really can make a big difference.​

Best Exercise Bike for Arthritis Sufferers

The one thing we do not want to do, is to make that pain any worse. So any exercise that we do choose to do, should be one that is classed as a low impact exercise. What does that really mean?

A low impact exercise is one that does not impact heavily on the joints. Something like a treadmill would be classed as high impact. That is because the knees and ankles pounding up and down on a running board jars those joints. So exercise equipment such as treadmills, or an exercise like jogging, are not recommended for those who suffer from arthritis, or any type of joint pains.

That is something that a person suffering from arthritis would want to avoid. Exercise bikes are ideal as they don't have any of this jarring impact. In particular a recumbent exercise bike is the best of the three choices currently available.​

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In the UK marketplace, there are three types of exercise bike which are the normal upright bike, the spin bike and the recumbent bike. The upright is the most common, and the spin style bike is suitable for people wanting to do "High Intensity Interval Training." (HIIT)

The recumbent​ is the best choice for arthritis sufferers as it simple offers the most support. We have done a review on the best recumbent bikes, which you can read, by clicking here. This really is a very good choice because this type of bike offers great body support.

Many of the other styles of exercise bikes, mean that the body is worked out, but they do not offer a great deal of support. With a recumbent style, the back is supported, the arms are supported and only the legs are worked out.

That however does not stop you being able to have a good cardio and muscular workout.​ This style of bike is recommended by many physiotherapists, as a very good method of building strength, when recovering from injuries.

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