Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for a Short Person 

When you are a shorter or even a taller individual it can be a real pain to find a suitable exercise bike. Additionally, picking the wrong exercise bike for your body type is not only incredibly uncomfortable to use. But could actually lead to long term injury.

When it comes to selecting and exercise bike there are three main categories, all of which require different riding positions. This will ultimately affect your purchase decision depending on your height and fitness goals.

Exercise Bike Types and Riding Positions for Shorter People

Upright Exercise Bikes- are the most popular type of exercise bikes on the market. As it’s name suggests the rider cycles in an upright seated position. These bikes come with literally hundreds of cool features depending on model and brand. You can find our upright exercise bike buying guide here.

Indoor Cycling Bikes- Are similar to upright exercise bikes. However, they feature a large fly wheel and a fairly minimalistic design. Indoor cycling bikes offer a much more challenging workout similar to outdoor cycling. You can find our indoor cycling bike buying guide here.

Recumbent Exercise Bike- Recumbent exercise bike are unique in the respect that the rider is seated in a laid back position. The rider’s weight is more evenly distributed making it more comfortable to cycle. These bikes are ideal for those recovering from injury or have back problems. You can find our recumbent exercise bike buying guide here.

​Best Riding Position for Shorter People using Upright & Indoor Cycling Bikes

Although upright exercise bikes and indoor cycling bikes offer some different features and functionality their riding position is virtually the same.

When using either of these bikes as a shorter person getting the right seated position is incredibly important. The ideal riding position is to have your feet planted firmly on the bike pedals, with a 23-35 bend in the knee and your hips horizontally positioned from your handlebars.

​Best Riding Position for Shorter People using Recumbent Exercise Bikes

The best riding position for a recumbent exercise bike would be for the rider to be firstly seated comfortable. Then you should gently adjust the seat position until your legs have a slight bend and can cycle comfortably without locking your knees.

Best Upright Exercise Bike for a Short Person

york fitness upright exercise bike

York Fitness Active 110 Exercise Bike

The York Active 110 Exercise Bike is rated as one of the UKs most popular upright exercise bikes . It is best known for providing an exceptionally comfortable yet rock steady riding experience. 

This particular upright bike can accommodate anyone from 4ft 10 and offers both vertical and horizontal seat adjustability.

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​Best Indoor Cycling Bike for a Short Person


We R Sports- RevXtreme s1000 Indoor Cycle

The We R Sports- RevXtreme s1000 Indoor Cycle has received rave reviews for its sturdy design and smooth riding experience.

Better yet it has been rated positively by users ranging from 4ft 10 to 6 ft 2.

This indoor cycle offers a fantastic workout experience without all the frills of many other exercise bikes.

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Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for a Short Person

Top rated JLL Home Recumbent Exercise Bike

JLL RE100 Home Recumbent Exercise Bike

The JLL RE100 Home Recumbent Exercise Bike is one of the best selling recumbent exercise bikes on the Uk market.

This bike can be comfortably used by anyone 4ft 10 and taller as it offers an excellent range of seat adjustability.

Additionally this bike comes fitted with a useful electronic display unit. This allows you to keep track of your speed, distance covered, time passed and much more. 

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