Best Recumbent Exercise Bike UK Reviews

We have put together what we think is the best recumbent exercise bike buyers guide on the Internet. We trust that it fully informs you, and that by the time you have finished reading this, you will know all the important things to look out for.

It is generally fair to say, that exercise bikes, that can be used at home are a very good way of getting some good exercise. They also allow you to exercise and train in the complete privacy of your own home.

For many people that is a very important factor as going to gymnasiums, or fitness centres can be off putting for many.

I am not that fond of the world of Lycra and earphones myself. I much prefer to be able to workout alone, and as and when I have the time to do so. These bikes can be an expensive purchase, so first up, you need to decide which type of exercise bike suits you best.

In this article we review recumbent exercise bikes. If you prefer to read about upright bikes then click here, for spin bikes click here and for folding bikes please click here. Read on to decide is a recumbent exercise bike really the right bicycle for you.

Affordable and Well Rated by Actual Buyers

Jll RE-100 Home Recumbent Exercise Bike

Kettler Premium Recumbent Exercise Bike

Average Price £100

XS Sports Magnetic Recumbent Seated Exercise Bike


Average Price £99

V-fit G-RC Recumbent Magnetic Cycle Exercise Bike

V-fit G-RC Recumbent Magnetic Cycle

Average Price £150

Who Should Buy a Recumbent Exercise Bike?

As I have mentioned there are a number of different types of indoor stationary bikes. The recumbent one though is quite specific. The manufacturers have designed these bikes for a very specific target audience.

It is easy to identify these as they have a lean-back riding position, usually with a padded backrest. You can see this in the images on this page of our website.

That will mean that it is much more comfortable to exercise with. That is especially true if you want to pedal for a long time. It also makes these types of indoor bikes perfect for:

  • Anyone recovering from knee/back injuries
  • Anyone suffering from high blood pressure
  • Senior citizens
  • Those wanting a low impact workout - no strain on the joints
  • Anyone wanting to do longer workouts
  • Anyone wanting a cardio-vascular workout
  • For those who would like to lose some weight
  • For those who prefer to exercise in the privacy of their own home

So if you fit into any of the categories above, then a recumbent style exercise bike will be your best choice.

These bikes have a back rest as I have mentioned, the seat is usually quite large, and due to the design, the legs are usually slightly raised. That position also allows you read a book, watch some TV if you want, and generally keep the upper body relaxed.

Benefits of Using a Recumbent Exercise Bike

Primarily any type of exercise bike offers a number of health benefits. Pedaling a cycle clearly helps strengthen all of the leg muscles. It also helps tone the buttocks and general waist areas. In addition when pedaling, you can build up a sweat which helps burn off calories and fat. That can in turn help with weight loss.

Cycling also works the lungs and the heart, often referred to as a cardio-vascular workout. That gets the blood pumping and can help with blood pressure, improved blood circulation and improving breathing and heart health.

It is also ideal for people who like to walk or jog in the better weather. Doing those activities in good weather is ideal. However, given the wonderful UK weather, it isn't always possible to get out and about. Heavy rain, cold winds, snow and ice all make walking and jogging uncomfortable.

Treadmills are a good alternative as they allow you to walk and jog indoors. However, that type of exercise is higher impact and can be tough enough on the joints. A recumbent exercise bike allows you to have all the benefits described above, with minimal impact on the joints.

Clearly you can see that the host of benefits from cycling are worth the effort.

Top 3 Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews

Below you will find what we believe to be the best three recumbent bikes that are currently available in the UK market. Underneath the table, you will find a summary review as to why we think these are the best.

​Now there are more expensive options available. However in terms of value for money, then we think these certainly offer very good value for money. Below we have completed a short summary review of each. On there you can also click to read a more detailed review of each.

No 1 CHOICE - JLL RE100 Home Recumbent Exercise Bike

The JLL Re100 model has remained the most consistent, and best selling model of all the recumbent exercise bikes on the UK market.

The majority of users rate this one as 4.6 out of 5 stars. It has maintained that type of very high rating consistently over a period of years. 

This is a solid and reliable recumbent bike from a very good manufacturer, at an affordable price. It has 8 levels of resistance, is quiet when being used and can measure Time, Speed, Distance, Heart rate, Calories.

No 2 CHOICE - XS Sports Magnetic Recumbent Seated Exercise Bike

The XS Sports comes in just slightly under the £100 price point. That makes this bike the cheapest of the three options we have chosen. Again like the one above this bike is great value for money, and will certainly meet the needs of the majority of users.

The majority of users rate this one as 4.4 out of 5 stars. It has maintained that type of rating consistently over a period of months.

People pick this model because it ticks many of the boxes that people want from these types of exercise bikes. It certainly looks the part, and users like that you are able to measure speed, time, distance and pulse reading. People seemed to really like this as it offered strong back support.

No 3 CHOICE - V-fit G-RC Recumbent Magnetic Cycle

The V-fit brand is a really popular choice for many UK buyers. This one is slightly more expensive with an average price of around £150. Rated at 4.1 out of 5 stars by most buyers, this one is also a good bike.

This is one of the highest selling bikes of this type.This one does have a few nice extra features, hence the slightly higher price point.

A lot of people choose this as their number one. With this one it has a large comfortable seat. You can adjust both the seat and the back rest. It also has over sized pedals, so comfortable riding is the priority here from this popular V-fit brand.

Premium Recumbent Exercise Bike

if you would prefer something a bit more up market, then the Kettler below should meet your needs.

No 4 CHOICE - Kettler Premium Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Kettler brand is a highly established and a very high quality brand. This "Premium model" is rated at 4.4 out of 5 stars by most buyers. At that sort of money, you are getting in to the higher end recumbent bike range.

We understand that people will be put off by the price and that is understandable. This is an investment, and if you decide to make that, then you have a bike packed with features. It is also that is built to last, as it is extremely well made.

Who Sells Recumbent Bikes?

​They are available in many of the bigger Retail stores like Argos, Halfords, Tesco, Sports Direct etc. You can also buy them in a variety of online websites such as Amazon. You can also look for second hand versions on popular websites like eBay.

The manufacturers who make these type of bikes include:

  • V-fit
  • JLL
  • Schwinn
  • Nordic Track
  • DKN
  • Tecnovita
  • Vision Fitness
  • Tunturi
  • FitQuick
  • Ultra Sport
  • GymMate

​Buying a Second Hand Recumbent Bike

You can of course buy a second hand bike. These are available on websites like eBay. They are like buying anything second hand. You can be lucky and get a really good one. 

You can also be unlucky and end up buying one that is pretty useless. In many ways it is a bit of a hit and miss.

​New ones are not that expensive at the lower end, and at least you are covered by some type of warranty and guarantee.

​Recumbent Exercise Bike vs An Upright Bike

​An upright bike is the type that most people can easily identify with. If you think about an exercise bike, most people think of this style. They have a saddle, some type of handlebars and the pedals.

It gets its name as you sit in quite an "upright" position. To be able to do that comfortably, your back needs to be strong, and you need to be able to easily mount and dismount these.

​The upright is usually more compact and as such will take up less room than something like the recumbent. They are not that suitable though for anyone suffering from any aches and pains.

They can also be uncomfortable for doing longer workouts. Now upright bikes are good to use, providing that you have a good level of fitness, and not suffering from any injuries.

​You can read our upright exercise bike reviews here.

​Ultimate Buying Guide for Recumbent Bikes

We have provided below an extensive guide on what to look out for when it comes to buying a recumbent exercise bike. These all have some basic features and the more expensive ones have advanced features.

The important thing is to understand what these are so as you can get the perfect bike for your needs.

​Resistance Levels

​The resistance level is usually created by a flywheel. The technical detail is not that important. What is important is that you have the option to vary the level of resistance.

That is especially important if one or more people will be using this bike. It is also important that you can increase the resistance, the fitter that you become. Almost all bikes will have this feature, but it is worth checking. Ideally you want to have 8 or more resistance levels.

​Adjustable Seat

​We are all different shapes and sizes so make sure that you can adjust the seat. That allows you to find the most comfortable riding position for you. With some of the better quality bikes, you will also be able to adjust the back rest so as you again can find the most comfortable position for you.

There is no nice way of saying this so excuse the following. Your bum is going to be sitting on this, and if you plan on doing longer workouts, make sure that the seat is comfortable. Being able to adjust the seat is simply vital.

​Pedals & Toe Straps

​Some bikes have pedals that are over sized. Those are useful as it can stop your feet sliding off narrower pedals. Some will also have toe straps to help keep your feet in place. Just make sure that those can be adjusted.

​Ease of Assembly

​In almost all cases when you get your new bike you will have to set it up. with some of the brands that can be a huge pain in the rear. The better ones are simple to set up and will come with clear and concise instructions.

​Noise Levels

​Some are noisier than others. For most people noise is not a huge issue. However if you have Mr or Mrs Grumpy trying to listen to the TV, they can moan a bit. Ideally you want this to be as quiet as possible. Some of them can rattle a bit so just be aware of that when you are reading our reviews.

Basic ​Displays and Readings

​Now while it is nice to sit comfortably and pedal away, it is also good to know that something is working.

That is why having a routine and being able to measure the time taken, the distance covered, the calories burned etc makes all your efforts seem worthwhile. All of these types of bikes should have at least these basic measurements.

More Advanced Features of Recumbent Bikes​

So above I have covered what I think are the bare bones of what any bike should have. Now if you have the money, you can then upgrade and treat yourself to the more advanced features that I have described below.​

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