BEST Upright Exercise Bikes 2017 UK

Here are the best Upright Exercise Bikes in the UK 2017

What Is An Upright exercise bike? 

When it comes to indoor exercise bikes there are classically three varieties upright, recumbent and spin. Upright exercise bikes typically features a small adjustable seat fixed in an upright position (hence its name) with its pedals positioned directly below where the user sits.In fact they often resemble the everyday outdoor bike you would see people riding on their daily commute to and from work.

However, unlike your typical outdoor bike upright exercise bikes are much more compact and come in a variety of intuitive foldable designs. Not to mention the majority of modern indoor bikes now feature smart device holders, programmable workouts, heart rate monitors and much more.

​Who Are Upright Exercise bikes for? 

Cycling is one of the best and most enjoyable forms of cardiovascular activity that can be performed within the comfort of your own home. Therefore, whether you want to lose a few pounds or just want to stay in shape using an indoor exercise bike is one of the most convenient and effective methods of doing so.

This type of exercise can be performed at your own pace and is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. With the exception of individuals who have back issues. In which case, I would recommend using a recumbent exercise bike instead.

Our TOP Upright Exercise Bikes for 2017

#1-York Fitness Active 110 Exercise Bike

The York Fitness Active 110 Exercise Bike is our number 1 upright exercise bike recommendation.

It incorporates loads of useful features such as 8 levels of magnetic resistance that can be adjusted to suite your specific needs. As well as a 4 different workout routines and a fitness test function. 

Ultimately, if you are looking for a great value for money exercise bike that also incorporates a feature rich user experience this bike is exactly what your looking for. 

#2- Pure Fitness and Sports MCL800

The Pure Fitness and Sports MCL800 is a close second on our list of the best upright exercise bikes.

This sturdy upright bike features all the features that any rider could need and much more. With built in pulse sensors and 12 unique workout programmes adding variety to your workout routine has never been so easy. ​

#3- JLL® JF100 Home Exercise Bike
JLL® Home Exercise Bike JF100

The JLL® JF100 is one of our best value for money products on our best upright exercise bike recommendations.

This bike is fully customisable to fit the riders needs with a fully adjustable padded saddle and 360 degree adjustable handlebars. Ultimately providing the user with the most comfortable riding experience possible.

What are the best upright exercise bike brands?

The most reliable and trusted brands that produce the best upright exercise bikes are:

  • York Fitness
  • JLL
  • V-Fit
  • Schwinn

Benefits of Buying an the Best Upright Exercise Bike

Low impact Activity

One of the major benefits of using an indoor excise bike is cycling such a low impact form of cardiovascular exercise. Unlike using a treadmill or running outside, which involve putting constant stress of your knee and hip joints. Therefore, using an indoor bike is the perfect way of maintaining your mobility without compromising your lower extremities.


As I am sure you are aware, cycling on the streets can be incredibly dangerous no matter how many safety precautions you take. Not even the brightest visibility vest or the hardest helmet can protect you from the unexpected dangers cyclists face daily. Especially in cities.

Therefore, using an exercise bike is the best way to enjoy the benefits of cycling without the unnecessary risk. At the end of the chances of you getting hit by a car within the confines of your living room are slim to none.

Cost Effectiveness

Something many people overlook when they are looking for exercise bikes is their overall return on investment. The majority of good upright exercise bikes retail between £59.95-£234.99. This is almost half of what the average person pays for an annual gym membership.

Not to mention the time and money you have to spend getting two and from the gym. What would you rather do, travel to a crowded gym to fight over fitness equipment? Or stay at home and get your workout done in half the time and at a fraction of the cost? – I know what I prefer.

Improved Heart Health

Your heart is a muscle and like any other muscle if you fail to use its overall performance will start to deteriorate. Consequently so will your overall health. Cycling elevates your heart rate and maximises blood circulation throughout the body and has been found to drastically reduce your chances of heart disease.

Improved Muscle Tone

Cycling is not just beneficial in terms of your cardiovascular health; it also improves your overall muscle composition. Cycling engages all of your major lower body muscle groups including your calves, hamstrings, glutes and even your abdominals. Therefore, not only are you staying fit, you are also building a stronger, more defined physique.

Positive Hormonal Balancing

Performing cardiovascular exercise a few times a week has been shown completely change your body’s hormonal balance. Specifically, it has been show to drastically increase your bodys production of “ feel good hormones” namely, Endorphins and Dopamine.

Increased Endorphins levels after exercise also known as “runners high” has been proven to reduce stress, depression and anxiety. Additionally, heightened Dopamine levels in the body suppress hunger and make you less likely to reach for junk food.

Less Boring than conventional forms of exercise

If like me you are someone who can find the gym and exercise in general boring at times. Then I have good news for you. Many of the best upright exercise bikes come fitted with media device holders so you can stream your favour shows on your tablet while you burn calories.

However, if your upright exercise bike doesn’t come with this cool feature it’s not the end of the world. Thankfully the majority of indoor exercise bikes are pretty compact and can be transported easily. So just move your bike into the living room, stick on the TV and you’ll have 30 minutes cardio done with ease.

Weight Loss

As you know the more calories your body burns off the easier it is to lose and maintain a healthy weight. Cycling not only burns calories while you perform the exercise itself, it also increases your resting metabolic rate. What this means is that even after you have finished your workout your body will naturally burn more calories. This is often referred to as the “after burn” affect.

To maximise calories burned during your workout I would recommend trying a pre-programmed HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Not only will this boost the calories burned during the workout, it also drastically prolongs the benefits of the “after burn effect”.

Easily stored

Don’t have much space available to place an upright exercise bike? Not to worry there are many indoor exercise bikes that are completely foldable, making them easy to store.

What Makes The Best Upright Exercise Bike?

There are hundreds of variations of upright exercise bikes available on the market. However, some are better than others. That is why we have created a list of the key features and funtionalty that make the best upright exercise bike.


Comfort is king when it comes to buying your indoor exercise bike. With that is mind there are two key variables you should before picking the best upright exercise bike for you. Firstly the shape and size of the bike seat are vital. Also the changeability of the seats position is equally importantly.

Ideally look for a seat that grooves to the natural shape and position of the thighs and buttocks. A simple way to remember this is, the upright exercise bikes seat should resemble a shape similar to triangle.

Likewise, ideally look for an upright exercise bike that adjusts both vertically and horizontally. This will allow you to adjust your bike to a comfortable position for your height. Ultimately, providing a much more comfortable riding experience.The York Fitness Active 110 and the JLL® JF150 are perfect examples for reference of upright exercise bikes that feature the best of both.

Programmed Workouts

If you are going to invest in a high quality upright exercise bike it is worth researching what pre-set workouts it features. Many of the best exercise bikes available on the UK market come packed with pre-programmed workout outs.

These workouts often incorporate HIIT and other interval style methods, as well as fat burning workouts and hill cycling. Pre-Set offer excellent variety to your daily workout routine, it’s like having your very own personal trainer at home.

Adjustable Resistance Settings

Resistance is what increases the difficulty of your overall workout, the higher the resistance the harder you have to push. There are many ways exercise bikes generate resistance. However for the purpose of this buying guide, there are typically only 3 types of resistance used by the best upright exercise bike manufacturers.

Firstly, there is fly wheel “brake based” resistance. This resistance is generated by the fly wheel, which essentially stores the rotational energy generated from pedalling. Ultimately, making your workout much more intense. However, this type of resistance is becoming less common as the fly wheel can in some cases add unnecessary weight to the bike.

Secondly, “direct contact” breaking contact resistance has been used by many of the best upright bike manufacturers over the years. Direct contact breaking generates resistance through friction on the bike flywheel. This type of resistance is extremely accurate and customisation meaning you can set your resistance precisely. However, direct contact resistance is not without its flaws. Due to the mechanical nature of the resistance components the brake pads can often wear away and require replacement.

Thirdly, brake and direct contact based systems up until recently, where the gold standard in exercise bike resistance. However, most of the best upright exercise bikes nowadays implement “magnetic resistance”. Magnetic resistance is generated via electromagnetic induction which makes it harder to pedal. The major advantage of this resistance method is bike components will not deteriorate as there is no physical contact between resistance components.

Electronic Display Consoles

The vast majority of the best upright stationary bikes feature some sort of electronic displays or consoles that allow you to monitor and control your workouts. These display consoles often allow you to view the distance you have covered, workout time and calories burned, but to name a few. They also typically allow you adjust your bikes resistance and select desired pre-programmed workout routines.

It is fair to say that not all upright exercise bike consoles where made the same. In fact some are much more advanced than other. For example many market leading exercise bikes now integrate with third party apps such as “Ifit”. This allows you to sync your workout progress with your smart-devices and even access hundreds of workouts not pre-set on the exercise bike itself.

Note, although third party app integration is becoming more and more the norm in modern sports technology. It can often be a hindrance as well as an asset to your progress as it can be a distracting. Not to mention, using 3rd party apps can often come with additional subscription costs. If you have the money to do so that great, but if you don’t it’s not that big a deal.

Some of the most useful basic console features include:

  • Distance Travelled 
  • Speed
  • Resistance Level
  • Calories Burned
Heart Rate Monitors

Although not for everyone, the majority of the best upright exercise bikes will incorporate some sort of heart rate monitor. These monitors are typically located in the bikes handle bars.

Using heart rate monitors are useful in two main ways;

Firstly, heart rate monitors are a fantastic fitness indication and allows you to track your progress after each workout. It also indicates how well your heart and cardiovascular system recovers post workout. The faster your recovery, the fitter you are getting.

Secondly, heart rate monitor can work as your own person trainer as many workouts require you to maintain a specific heart rate. Therefore, heart rate monitors let you determine whether you need to pick up the pace or maintain your current speed.

Cooling Fans

When doing any workout the chances are your body is going to naturally heat up. That is why many of the best exercise bikes available on the market incorporate small cooling fans.

These fans provide a steady flow of cool air towards your face and body. The vast majority of these fans can be adjusted to a temperature and position of your choosing. Ultimately, making your workout experience much more comfortable.

Media Device Holders

Many of the best exercise bikes available in the UK feature some kind of media device holder. Media device holders often hold the majority of tablet devices. Therefore if you’re someone who gets bored easily you can just watch Netflix while you work out.

Some of the even higher end upright exercise bike models come with built in media centre which integrates with your smartphone or MP3 player. So simply sync your playlist with your upright exercise bike and it will play your music through built in speakers.

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