CrystalTec CT101M Magnetic Resistance Indoor Cycling Bike Review

CrystalTec CT101M Magnetic Resistance Belt Driven Indoor Aerobic Training Cycle Exercise Bike

The CrystalTec® CT101M a is beautifully designed indoor cycling bike created by one of the UK’s top equipment providers. This is an upgraded version of CrystalTec’s® very popular Premium Indoor Aerobic Training Cycle. The C7101M is no ordinary indoor cycling bike, featuring an LCD display unit, tablet/phone holder and revolutionary 8-level magnetic resistance system.

This bike model also comes with a completely adjustable seat and handlebars that can be adjusted to fit just about any body size. But how does it compare to previous models in the CrystalTec® cycling range?

By comparing and contrasting hundreds of reviews from buyers this review discusses the CT101M’s key strengths and weaknesses. As well as the features and functionality that make the product so unique.

Quick Review Summary 


  • Stability
  • Price
  • Easy Assembly
  • 1 year warranty 

  • No pre-programmed workouts 

CrystalTec CT101M Magnetic Resistance Indoor Cycling Bike Detailed Review

What customers love about the CrystalTec CT101M 

Easy Assembly

For the most part, customers who purchased the CrystalTec® CT101M were happy with its assembly process. The product comes partly assembled and requires minimal tools to complete. It also comes with an easy to read the instructions manual. Typically, it took users no longer than 25 minutes to complete the process.

Please note that the boxed product weighs 32 KG, therefore, it is advisable to seek help before transporting the product.

Boxed CrystalTec CT101M

Smooth Quiet Ride

A common issue with many indoor cycling bikes is that that higher you crank up the resistance the noisier they become. However, this is not the case with the CrystalTec® CT101M. By virtue of its magnetic resistance and poly v-belt drive, customers experienced and incredibly smooth but quiet riding experience.

Easy to Transport

Unlike many large bulkier exercise bikes, customers found CrystalTec® CT101M to be very easy to move around their homes. This is largely thanks to the bike's compact design and built-in transport wheels.Additionally, thanks to it compact design the CrystalTec® CT101M can be easily stored away in a cupboard or wardrobe post workout.

What customers don't love about the CrystalTec CT101M 

No Pre-Programmed Workouts

A few customers said they wished the CrystalTec® CT101M had pre-programmed workout routines. This is not unusual in indoor cycling bikes as they are designed to provide no fuss workouts.However, if this is something that is important to you we recommend trying out and upright exercise bike like the York Fitness 110.

CrystalTec CT101M PRO Key Features

Large Flywheel

The CrystalTec® CT101M features an extra-large smooth flywheel. Similar to those found in commercial indoor cycling bikes such as the JLL® IC600. The primary advantage of purchasing an indoor cycling bike with an extra heavy flywheel is that it maximises the range of resistance that can be applied. Ultimately, delivering a workout that can be customised to challenge anyone from cycling novices to hardened athletes.

In addition to the bikes above average flywheel, the CrystalTec® CT101M incorporates a unique poly V-Belt Drive. This is different to many other indoor cycling bikes such as the We R Sports Aerobic Training Cycle and JLL® IC200 which are both chain driven.Does it make a difference?Believe it or not, it makes a major difference. Rubber belt driven bikes tend to run much quieter than conventional chain driven cycles.

Additionally, they also experience less mechanical faults than chain driven bikes. Therefore, rubber belt driven exercise bikes tend to last longer and require significantly less maintenance in the long term.

Magnetic Resistance

This bikes resistance generation method is also unique in many respects. Unlike many indoor cycling bikes, the CrystalTec® CT101M’s flywheel resistance is generated magnetically. Meaning resistance is not generated by moving components. Typically, only upright exercise bikes incorporate magnetic resistance such as the Pure Fitness and Sports MCL800.

The major advantage of using a magnetic indoor cycling bike is that there are no rubbing components. Therefore, they are less prone to mechanical failures and wear and tear. Meaning they less require minimal maintenance and last longer than indoor cycles that incorporate frictional resistance. Another indoor cycling bike similar in this regard is the JLL® IC300 PRO indoor cycling bike.

The only downside of having a magnetic indoor cycling bike is that many customers believe it doesn’t replicate outdoor bike. This is because frictional resistance generated by traditional indoor cycling bikes is the most realistic sensation of riding outdoors.

CrystalTec CT101M Features

Fully adjustable seat and large seat cushion for comfort

The CrystalTec® CT101M is incredibly accommodating in terms of customisation options. The bike's seat can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to allow for the most comfortable riding position possible.

Additionally, to maximise upper body comfort the bike's handlebars have a wide range of vertical adjustability. To find your optimum riding position check out our indoor cycling bike set up guide.

LCD Display

The CrystalTec® CT101M features an easy to understand LCD display that illustrates performance metrics.These metrics include time, speed, distance, calories burned, ODO, RPM and Hand Pulse.

These metrics can be used to effectively measure workout intensity and post workout performance.

Phone/Tablet Holder

Indoor cycling bikes tend to feature very few “entertainment” features as they are designed to offer a no-fuss workout experience. However, the CrystalTec® CT101M features a tablet/mobile holder. Making it easy for the rider to listen to music or follow workout program tutorials via YouTube.

Ultimately, the CrystalTec® CT101M provides a much less monotonous workout experience compared to many other indoor cycling models.

Water Bottle Holder + Bottle

To allow for easy access to fluids during training the CrystalTec® CT101M features a water bottle holder located below its handlebars. Helping prolong your workout without having to get off the bike.

As an additional bonus, the bike comes with a free “signature red water bottle”.

Compact Design + Transport Wheels

The CrystalTec® CT101M is not an overly bulky indoor cycling bike with dimensions of 117cm (L) x 64cm (W) x 99cm (H) and weighs only 29 KG. Therefore, it can easily be transported and stored away easily after workouts using its built-in transport wheels.

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