Does Cycling Help Running?- How Indoor Cycling Can Make you A better Runner 


A little known secret in the fitness industry is runners make incredible cyclists. Additionally cycling can actually be massively beneficial to runner’s performance.

In fact indoor cycling can be one of the best training tools. Largely due to the fact cycling allows your body to recover and maximise cardiovascular fitness simultaneously.How does cycling help running performance?

Heres a brief video of how to cycle to improve running:

How Does Cycling Help Running?

Injury Prevention

One of the major disadvantages of running is there is only so much you can do before risking permanent damage.The longer you spend pounding the tarmac every week, the greater stress you put on your muscles and joints.

This drastically increases your chances of getting runners knee, shin splints and Achilles tendinitis.

Indoor cycling offers a fantastic low impact activity to incorporate between runs. Low impact activities such as cycling, swimming and rowing, do not compound your knee and hip joints. Therefore, they allow you to improve your cardiovascular fitness without jeopardising your joint health.

Simply, alternate between running and indoor cycling for best results, your joins will thank you.

Building Complimentary Muscles

Running and cycling utilise the same lower body muscle groups. Therefore, if you exclusively train using indoor cycling and running you will naturally develop complimentary muscle symmetry. Namely your hamstrings and quadriceps.Both cycling and running also require a smooth rhythmical motion.

Therefore incorporating both into your fitness regimen is beneficial in developing good running technique.

Improved Recovery

Training to become a faster can put a lot of stress not only on your muscles but also your knee and hip joints. Therefore, effective recovery is vital to maintain consistency in your running performance. Not to mention over training can cause you to fatigue and become more injury prone.

Indoor cycling should not be used to replace runs. However indoor cycling offers an exceptional method of active recovery, which should  be incorporated as a secondary exercise. Cycling may not contribute directly to muscle recovery. However, it does offer an effective means of maintaining your cardiovascular fitness without ripping large volumes of muscle fibres.

How To Get Started- Incorporating Indoor Cycling Into Your Routine

Curious how you can incorporate indoor cycling into your fitness routine?

To get started replace one or two of your weekly runs with a 40+ minute indoor cycle. Or simply hop on your exercise bike when the weather conditions are not appropriate for running.

The best exercise bike for cycling to improve running performance is an indoor cycling bike. This particular type of exercise bike is incredibly simple to use and offers a no fuss workout experience. Additionally these bikes incorporate heavy fly wheels and offer great resistance adjustability. Therefore, it allows you to progress at your own pace.

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