Does Cycling Tone Your Abs

If you want a really short and simple answer to the question, "does cycling tone your abs?" then it is yes. If you want to know how and why, then please feel free to read on, for a lot more detail.

Cycling has a whole range of health benefits. if you would like to find out more about those, then click here for a detailed article on that subject. This article though concentrates on the "abs question."

Cycling by its very nature, will increase leg strength as its number one objective. It strengthens leg muscles, and also helps tone the bottom and hips.​ As a result of the cycling motion, that slight rocking from side to side, it also helps condition and tone the abs.

So it is almost as a side effect, that cycling contributes to the strengthening, and tightening of the abdominal muscles.

Working the Core​

​When you hop on to your exercise bike, one thing is really important, and that is your balance. The core abdominal muscles are what give you that stability. If you think about the pushing motion that you apply to the pedal, then you can feel the tummy area, and you will realise, that it is coming from there.

So in essence, the ​abs are constantly contracting and releasing throughout any cycling. As such, cycling of any kind will always be a good workout for those core muscles.

Video - How to Tone the Lower Abs When Cycling Indoors

How to Workout Your Abs Even More by Cycling​

There are a number of very simple things that you can do, that will make cycling even more effective for your abs. Even though this is not the key purpose of cycling, these few little adjustments, make a real difference to the abs workout.

Abs Exercise 1 - By taking one long and deep breath, you should then really contract the abs when pedalling, hold for 15 seconds and then slowly release.​ Repeat that 3-5 times. You can do that at different stages of your indoor cycling workout.

Abs Exercise 2 - ​On a fitness or upright bike, bring one arm in closer to your tummy, while still holding on to the handlebars. Ride like this for one minute and then swap arms. This has the effect of tightening each side of the abs.

Abs Exercise 3 - ​Move from sitting to standing. This is only possible on either an upright or a fitness bike. Recumbent bike users will not be able to do this, and indeed should not do this. Simply by riding in a standing position is a great workout for the abs. Do this for one minute and then return to the seated position.

Repeat this for as often as you can.​

Flatten the Tummy With Indoor Cycling​

People will know that the tummy likes to store fat. Cycling, either indoor or outdoor, is a great fat burning exercise. One good hour of solid riding can shift on average about 600 calories.

indoor cycling good for the abs

​To get the most benefit always try and focus on holding your abs tight when you ride. It is all too easy to slump over.

The temptation of many people using an exercise bike, is to allow their arms to hold their upper bodies up. That is normal, but with a little focus you can also get the abs to help with this.

Keeping the abs firm during your exercise bike ride takes the pressure off your neck and shoulders. At the same time it will strengthen and tighten your stomach, too.

Finally when standing up to cycle, use your abs to help you pull yourself up into the standing position. 

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