DKN AM-E Exercise Bike Review

DKN AM-E  Exercise bike

DKN has an excellent reputation for producing world class fitness equipment. This upright AM-E exercise bike model has been designed to offer quiet operation and challenging workout routines. The AM-E offer 32 levels of magnetically generated adjustable resistance and 12 pre-programmed workouts. Making it suitable for cyclists of all fitness levels.

As independent reviewers, we have compared and contrasted hundreds of positive and negative reviews. This review will reveal what customers loved and hated about the DKN AM-E. As well as the stand out features and functionality that make the product unique.

Quick Review Summary 


  • Stability
  • Silent Drive
  • Premium Features
  • Superior Build Quality 

  • Assembly

JLL IC300 PRO Cycling Exercise Bike Detailed Review

What customers love about the JLL IC300 PRO 

Smooth Quiet Ride

A common issue with many exercise bikes is they can be incredibly noisy. Especially when the resistance levels have been cranked up. However, DKN AM-E experienced no such issues. Rather they described their riding experience to be incredibly smooth and quiet. This is largely thanks to the bikes electromagnetic resistance system.

Sturdy Build

DKN AM-E  Exercise bike Dimensions

The DKN AM-E can sustain user weights of up to 140 KG. Therefore, it comes as no surprise most users were blown away by the stability of their riding experience. Whether you enjoy slow steady cardio or HIIT, the DKN AM-E doesn’t budge.

Thanks to this bikes magnetically generated resistance system many happy customers have been using this bike for over a year with no mechanical issues. Therefore, you are guaranteed your money's worth when you buy a DKN product.

Value For Money

Many customers thought the DKN AM-E was exceptional value for money. This is mostly due to the fact the bikes come fitted with several premium upright exercise bike features, without a premium exercise bike price. This is incredibly hard to find.

Please note, prices with fluctuate depending on demand and online promotions.

What customers don't love about the JLL IC300 PRO 

Set-UpThe DKN AM-E comes partly assembled on delivery. However, there appeared to be mixed reviews about the assembly process of the DKN AM-E. Some buyers found it straight forward, whereas others were left confused and frustrated. Therefore, it is of paramount importance you do not dispose of the assembly manual when unboxing your bike.

If this is an area of concern for you, there are several other upright exercise bikes that are easily assembled. These bikes include the York Fitness 110, York Fitness Perform 210, Pure Fitness & Sports MCL800 and JLL JF100.

JLL IC300 PRO Key Features

Electronic Display Console

DKN AM-E  Display

Like many upright exercise bikes, the DKN AM-E features an aesthetically pleasing display unit. This unit displays all key performance metrics, including Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Pulse, Recovery, RPM, Watt. However, unlike many indoor cycling bikes, the DKN AM-E comes equipped with 12 pre-programmed workout routines. Allowing users to challenge themselves, keep things fresh and mix up their daily workout routines.

Pulse Sensors + Wireless Chest Strap Receiver Option

Another unique feature of the DKN AM-E is that it allows users to perform highly targeted workouts that require specific heart rates. This can be achieved by setting a target heart rate, the bike with then automatically adjust the bike's resistance to help you reach this heart rate zone. Perfect for anyone who likes to do high-intensity workouts or is training for a cycling event.

Rider heart rate is measured using the bikes built in pulse sensors located in each handle. Alternatively, users can use a wireless chest strap as an added bonus feature.

Electro-Magnetic Resistance + 8 KG Flywheel

The DKN AM-E allows every rider to tailor their workout experience. Offering 32 levels of electromagnetic resistance and a large 8KG flywheel. This allows riders of all abilities to progress at their own pace.

Owning an upright exercise bike that incorporates magnetic resistance as opposed to frictional resistance has additional benefits. Primarily, magnetic exercise bikes tend to last smoothly and quietly. They also tend to require less maintenance over time thanks to no components rubbing against one and other.

Adjustable Saddle

To ensure maximum comfort and safety, the DKN AM-E comes equipped with a contoured saddle that can accommodate the amplest of bottoms. This seat can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to ensure correct hip and knee alignment. To learn the optimal riding position, we recommend reading our indoor cycling bike set up guide.

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