Our detailed JLL® Home Exercise Bike JF100 Review

JLL® Home Exercise Bike JF100 JLL® Home Exercise Bike JF100

JLL® have a fantastic reputation for developing some of the best indoor exercise bikes of all times. Whether you’re looking for a cycling, upright or recumbent indoor exercise bike the likelihood is you will come across JLL® products. However, how does the JLL® JF100 compare to its exceptional predecessors?

We have chosen to review the JLL® JF100 as it is a relatively inexpensive indoor cycling bike. However, it incorporates some pretty cool features such as 10 levels of magnetic resistance, 360 degree adjustable handlebars and pulse sensors. Therefore, it certainly seems to check all the boxes on paper.

Continue to read to get a more detailed look at who this product is suitable for. As well as its functionality, and what real customers loved or hated about it.

Who Would Buy this Exercise Bike from JLL®

When completing our impartial reviews we read hundreds of in depth reviews left by users. We do this to create a clearer picture as to who would get the greatest value of the product.

In regards to the JLL® JF100, users typically wanted to use the product as a tool to achieve weight loss and improve fitness. However, they also wanted a product that didn’t cost a fortune.

Therefore, if you’re looking to improve your fitness cheaply with a good quality upright exercise bike then this product is best suited to you.

Quick Summary

Product Name:

JLL® JF100 

Product Type:

Upright Exercise Bike

Average Retail Price:

Around £70


Ultimately, if youre looking for a basic no nonsense upright exercise bike to achieve your fitness goals, this is the bike for you. The JLL® JF100 is excellent value for money and produces consistent time tested results. 

Our Rating:


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JLL® JF100 Key Features

Fully adjustable Handlebars

The JLL® JF100 is unique in the respect that it features complete 360 degree adjustable handlebars. Which is not a common feature in vast many upright exercise bikes available on the UK market.

This allows customers to adjust the handlebars to the exact position that is most comfortable for them. Correct handlebar customisation helps maintain correct posture when cycling and prevents over bending which can cause damage to the lower back.

These fully adjustable handlebars also feature useful pulse sensors. Theses allow you to track your heart rate and maintain your workout intensity. Additionally they allow users to track their recovery time which is useful for tracking fitness progress. Typically the faster your heart rate returns to normal, the fitter you are becoming.

Toe Cages

The JLL® JF100 feature toe cages on each pedal which allows you to strap your feet in comfortably. This allows you to exert a stronger downward force without worrying about foot slippages. This is perfect for people who love to do intense HIIT cardio sessions.

Seat Adjustability

The JLL® JF100 features a large heart shape padded seat that can be adjusted to your height.

For best seat adjustment for your height ensures your legs are at a 25-35 degree angle and your knees are horizontal to the pedals. This will ensure optimum workout performance an protect your knee joints from injury.

Electronic Display

The JLL® JF100 incorporates a simple electronic display that illustrates all of your key workout stats. These stats include pulse, calories burned, speed, time elapsed and distance. Which not only give you an appreciation of your workout progress but also helps maintain workout intensity and motivation.

Magnetic Resistance

The JLL® JF100 provides a smooth riding experience due to it magnetically generated resistance. In fact the bike has 10 resistance levels. Therefore, whether you are an experience exercise bike user or only a beginner this bike can be adjusted to your individual fitness level. The higher the resistance the tougher the workout.

Additionally, having an upright exercise bike that incorporates magnetic resistance prolongs the lifespan of your product. This is due to the fact that the J​F100 does not generate resistance via the friction of mechanical components. Therefore, it does not require regular maintenance. 

What the buyers said

What buyers loved about the JLL® JF100

Simple but effective

Many customers who like to have a “no nonsense” workout loved the design of the JLL® JF100.

Customers typically expressed that they enjoyed how simple and easy to use the JLL® JF100’s user interface was. This bike suited users that just wanted a simple uncomplicated their workouts without all the fancy features seen in more advanced bike.

Sturdy and stable

The vast majority of customers where very pleased with the sturdiness and stability of the JLL® JF100.

Many customers described the JLL® JF100 as the most reliable upright exercise bike they had ever used. Additionally, many customers described the bike as “rocks steady” no matter how hard they pedalled, the bike stayed firmly planted to the ground. Therefore, if you are someone who likes to incorporate hard training such as HIIT this bike the JLL® JF100 won’t let you down.

Easily Assembled

Many users described the assembly of the JLL® JF100 as relatively straight forward.

Typically individual users where able to assemble this bike by themselves within 20-30 minutes without much trouble. Easy to follow instructions where provided however many customer said the set up was very self-explanatory.

JLL® Home Exercise Bike JF100

Additionally, once the bike had been fully erected customers found it easy to transport around the house using the transport wheels. Which are located in the front section of the bike.

What buyers didn’t love about the JLL® JF100

Lack of pre-programmed workouts

Although many customers where pleased overall with the simplicity of the JLL® JF100 some indoor cycling enthusiast where disappointed.

Mainly because the JLL® JF100 does not come with all the advanced pre-programmed workout routines seen in other upright exercise bikes. Therefore, if you are someone who is used to pre-programmed workout programs then the JLL® JF100 may not be the bike for you.

Summary of the JLL® JF150

Ultimately the JLL® JF100 is one of the best value for money upright exercise bikes available in the UK. It provides an incredibly reliable and steady riding experience but without the expensive price tag.

You dont even have to just take our word for it, there are numerous similar customer reviews available on Amazon.co.uk


The GOOD stuff
  • Sturdy & Stable
  • Easily Assembled
  • Value for money
  • Rider Customisation Options
The BAD stuff
  • Lack of pre-programmed workouts

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