Our detailed JLL® IC200 Indoor Cycling bike Review

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The JLL® IC200 Indoor Cycling bike is third on our list of the best indoor cycling bikes available in the UK. JLL® specialise in developing high quality sports equipment and produce dozens of indoor exercise bikes. Other JLL indoor cycles include the IC300, JLL IC300 PRO, JLL IC400 and JLL IC600.

However, the JLL® IC200 is by far and away one of their stand out entry level indoor cycling bikes.

We have chosen to review this particular model as it boasts hundreds of happy across the UK and Ireland. Not to mention it is one of the most affordable indoor cycling bikes available on the market. Typically costing only £120 on most quality online retailer stores.

Let’s take a closer look at the JLL® IC200’s who the JLL® IC200 is for. As well as its key features and what real customers loved and or hated about their riding experiences.

Who Would Buy this Exercise Bike from JLL®?

During of research on the JLL® IC200 we compared and contrasted hundreds of customer reviews, to create a clearer picture of the ideal user for this product.

What we found was the “typical user” of the JLL® IC200 ranged anywhere from a 6ft Rugby semi-professional rugby players to your average joe. However, what all users had in common was they wanted a no hassle workout experience as cost effectively as possible.

Therefore, if you’re simply looking to get a good work out in whether it’s to lose weight or improve your fitness. But don’t want to spend a fortune on equipment, then the JLL® IC200 could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Quick Summary

Product Name:


Product Type:

Indoor Cycling Bike

Average Retail Price:

Around £120


We rate this bike very highly. For around £120 it is fantastic value for money and incorporates all the features any good indoor cycling bike needs.

Our Rating:


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Key Features

Compact Design

In regards to the dimensions of the JLL® IC200 the bike is much more compact than your average indoor cycle. The bike stands at a maximum height of 1.16 M when its adjustable handlebars are fully extended. Additionally its only 1.03 M in length and many customers mentioned it took up very little space when fully assembled.

As an added bonus, JLL® has designed this bike with some handy transport wheels. These wheel are located at the front of the bike and can be used by simply tilting the bike. Making relocating your indoor cycle a much smoother process.


The JLL® IC200 offers incredible comfort customisation options. Incorporating adjustable handlebars, as well as horizontal and vertical seat modification.

Proper customisation is incredibly important in terms of comfort, safety and maintaining correct form. This is largely due to the fact that riding too low or too close to the handlebars can case “over bending”. This in turn can cause damage to the knee joints and lower back. Not to mention it’s just a generally uncomfortable riding experience.

Ultimately, customers ranging from 5 ft, 2 to 6 ft, 2 found that they were able to use this bike easily by simply adjusting their seat and handlebars. Therefore, big or small this bike is suitable for everyone.

To learn how to customise your indoor cycling bike effectively we recommend reading out indoor cycling bike set up guide

Tip: When seated your knees should have a 25-35 bend and your knees should be vertical to the bike pedals. This is your optimum sat adjustment for your height. Additionally adjust your handlebars to be directly horizontal to your final seat adjustment.


The JLL® IC200 features a 10 KG flywheel which is not the largest available in terms of indoor cycling bikes. However, it provides a smooth riding experience that accurately simulates the momentum of a traditional outdoor bike.

Resistance can be easily adjusted with the turn of a knob. Therefore, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete the JLL® IC200 can be adjusted to suit your individual fitness goals.

Multi-Functional Electronic Display

When it comes to electronic features on indoor cycling bikes, less is more. As cliché as that may sound.

Fancy electronic features ad very little to the workout experience and in some cases can be counterproductive. That is why the JLL® IC200 incorporated a simple multi-functional display that shows you only the important stats. Calories burned, Speed, Distance Covered, Time and Speed.

These features are useful to help users maintain consistent workout intensity. As well as helping maintain motivation- it’s like having your own personal trainer.

What the buyers said

What buyers loved about the JLL® IC200 Indoor Cycling bike

Easily Assembled

According to the vast majority of customers the JLL® IC200 was incredibly easy to put together. Assembly typically took no less than half an hour and required very few components to be screwed together.The JLL® IC200 comes with simple step by step instructions. However, many customers did not actually use them during the assembly.


Many experienced indoor cycling bike users commented on how impressed they were with the general stability of the JLL® IC200. What customers where referring to in terms of “stability” was the general durability and structural steadiness of the bike.

Furthermore, customers described the bike as “rock steady” and did not budge, no matter how hard they were pedalling. Even when doing some pretty hard HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training) which can rattle even some of the most advanced indoor cycling bikes.

Some even went as far to say that it provided a superior riding experience. When compared to more expensive bikes they had used in the past.

Additionally customers, really liked the built in toe cages and described them as very comfortable. They also really helped customers push that little bit harder without having to worry about slipping off the pedals.

Value for money

Many customers have praises the JLL® IC200 for the quality it delivers for such a low price. The bike retails online for on average £120 which is almost half the price of some more advanced models. However, many experienced cyclist and indoor cycling trainers have commented that they actually JLL® IC200.

Additionally, many customer say they have used the bike consistently for months and sometimes years and have never experience any issues. Therefore, the JLL® IC200 often met and exceeded customers’ expectations for the price they paid.

What buyers didn’t love about the JLL® IC200 Indoor Cycling Bike


There were a few customers not satisfied with the JLL® IC200s seat. Unfortunately, the JLL® IC200 has the same downfall as many other indoor cycling bikes. Which is they are not designed with as comfortable seats as upright or recumbent indoor exercise bikes.In fact they can be quite narrow and don’t offer much support to the lower buttocks.

However, this issue can be resolved by purchasing a gel saddle cover. These covers typically range from £5-£13 depending on brand and are readily available online.


Ultimately we have scored this bike 4.7 out of 5 stars. It is fantastic value for money and features everything you could ever need from and indoor cycling bike. 

Dont just take out word for it check out what other customers thought on Amazon​.


The GOOD stuff
  • Cheap
  • Easily Assembled
  • Sturdy design
  • Customisation
The BAD stuff
  • Seat

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