JLL IC300 PRO Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike Review

An upgrade from the very popular JLL IC300. The JLL IC300 PRO offers many similar features along with several upgrades.

The bike comes with a padded adjustable seat, adjustable handle bars and toe cage peddles for better grip. Boasting a large 20 KG flywheel, this bike offers an impressive range of magnetic resistance.

This review aims to discuss the key differences between JLL IC300 PRO and its predecessor. It will also discuss what customers in the UK though where the IC300 PRO’s key benefits and drawbacks.

Quick Review Summary 


  • Stability
  • Comfort
  • Magnetic Resistance
  • Easy set up

  • Max 130 KG user weight

JLL IC300 PRO Cycling Exercise Bike Detailed Review

What customers love about the JLL IC300 PRO 


Many customers described the JLL IC300 PRO Cycle as the “Most Comfortable” indoor cycling bike they had ever used.Its large padded saddle comfortably supported the amplest of bottoms.

Additionally, the adjustability helped provide a comfortable seated position for those who had experienced back discomfort while cycling in the past.

Set Up

Most customers found the JLL IC300 PRO to be quite easy to assemble. Customers stated that the bike came with easy to follow instructions. However, many customers said the setup was self-explanatory.

The longest time taken to assemble bike according to customer reviews was 20 minutes.

Additionally, JLL have provided a useful assembly video:

Please note that the boxed product weighs 49 KG. Therefore, we recommend seeking help from a friend to transport the bike prior it assembly.


The vast majority of customers were very pleased with the sturdiness and stability of the JLL IC300 PRO.Many customers where pleased with how stable the JLL IC300 PRO performed under pressure. No matter how hard they pedalled, the bike stayed firmly planted to the ground.

Therefore, if you are someone who likes to work out hard and incorporate intense training such as HIIT this bike I perfect.

What customers don't love about the JLL IC300 PRO 

130 KG Max User Weight

A few customers were unhappy the JLL IC300 PRO would not accommodate their size. This is because the I300 PROs compact design doesn’t accommodate those who weight more than 130 KG.

Therefore, if you weigh more than 130 KG, upright exercise bikes tend to be more accommodating.

JLL IC300 PRO Key Features

Two-way 20 KG Flywheel + Magnetic Resistance

The IC300 PRO features a large 20 KG flywheel which 2 KG heavier to the standard IC300 model. The flywheel is driven by a direct belt providing a smooth uptake. Not dissimilar to drivers found in outdoor racing bikes.

Additionally, the bikes chain allows the flywheel to be rotated forwards and backwards.There are also major differences between the JLL IC300 PRO and standard IC300 in terms of resistance generation. The JLL IC300 uses frictional break assisted adjustable resistance. Whereas, the JLL IC300 PRO incorporates a magnetic resistance.

JLL IC300 PRO Magnetic Resistence

Resistance can be adjusted easily using the resistance toggle located below the bike handlebars. The closer the magnet is, the more resistance will be applied to the flywheel. The higher the resistance the more challenging the workout.

Benefits of having an indoor cycling bike that features magnetic resistance include; a smoother and quieter drive compared to direct resistance. Additionally, exercise bikes that generate magnetic resistance tend to last longer and require less maintenance. Because unlike conventional direct resistance bikes, there is no rubbing together of components.

Electronic Monitor

Reliable statistical feedback is important for assessing workout intensity and post workout performance.The JLL IC300 PRO includes an electronic display that displays Time, distance, speed, calories, heart rate, RPM & odometer. This allows you to maintain your workout intensity and record post workout performance.

This will ultimately allow you to track your progress and motivate you to continue your training.

Adjustable Seat

The JLL IC300 PRO much like the IC200 , IC300  and IC400 features a fully adjustable saddle. This padded saddle can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally to accommodate riders of all sizes.

For optimum riding position, it is recommended that riders have a 30-degree bend in their knees.

Adjustable Handlebars

The JLL IC300 PRO also features adjustable handlebars which can be elevated vertically to suit your individual needs.

It is recommended the handlebars should be adjusted to sit level with the adjusted saddle for maximum comfort. This is illustrated in our indoor cycling bike set up article.

Toe Cages

A major injury risk when riding indoor cycling bikes at high speed is foot slippage. Which can cause severe damage to knees and other joins. To minimise this rick the IC300 PRO has been designed with adjustable toe cages.

These toe cages are designed to lock the riders foot into place to prevent slippage. Ultimately, allowing riders to exert the maximum amount of downward momentum during intense workouts without sliding off the pedals.

Water Bottle Holder

Having access easy access to water during intense cycles is incredibly important for maintaining a stable core body temperature and minimise the effects of dehydration.

The IC300 PRO incorporates a useful water bottle holder located at the side of the bike. This allows for easy access to fluids without having to slow down or get off your bike.

Transport Wheels

For easy transportation around your home the JLL IC300 PRO features transport wheels. These wheels are located at the front of the bike and be utilised by leaning the bike forward.

If you wish to transport the bike up or downstairs, seek assistance as the fully assembled bike weighs 45 KG.

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