JLL IC600 Advanced Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike Review

The JLL IC600 Advanced Commercial Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike is the ultimate level model in the JLL IC series. Other choices are the JLL IC200, JLL IC 300, JLL IC 300 PRO and the JLL IC400. Which all feature flywheels ranging from 10-20 KG. Generous adjustability for the saddle and handlebars help make this bike an ideal fit for a wide range of riders.

Moreover, JLL IC600 takes riders to the next level of cycling and is satisfactory to both Indoor and outdoor cyclist. The JLL IC600  Exercise Bike is much more advanced that it predecessors. However, does that necessarily make it a superior indoor cycling bike?

This review will discuss the key features and functionality that differentiate the JLL IC600 for the rest of the IC range. As well as what buyers thought where the bikes key strengths and weaknesses.

Quick Review Summary 


  • Extra large flywheel
  • Quiet Ride
  • Easy Assembly
  • 2 year warranty 

  • Heavy Frame 

JLL IC600 Advanced Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike Detailed Review

What customers love about the JLL IC600


The JLL IC600 is premium commercial indoor cycling bike. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that most customers said the bike was of superior quality to indoor cycling bikes they had used in the past.

Most users have been using the JLL IC600 every day for several years and have never experienced any mechanical issues.

Easy Assembly

Many of delighted customers who purchased the JLL IC600 described the assembly process of the product as “effortless”. The product comes partly assembled and has easy to follow instructions. However, many users said the process was pretty self-explanatory, typically taking no longer than 30 minutes to assemble.


Hardcore cyclists were delighted with the stability of their riding experience when using the JLL IC600. Many of which commented that the bike didn’t sway or budge even on uneven ground. Therefore, if you want to improve your fitness doing hard HIIT programs the JLL IC600 won’t let you down.

Quiet Ride

Customers who had used many exercise bikes in the past commented that the JLL IC600 is one of the quietest exercise bikes they had ever used. This is mostly due to the bikes unique rubber belt driven design.

What customers don't love about the JLL IC600


There were a few customers that were not pleased with how heavy the JLL IC600 was. Which is true, it weighs 71 KG which is significantly heavier than many indoor cycling bikes. Therefore, it is important to bear this in mind should you decide to purchase it.

JLL IC600 Advance Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike- Key Features

Electronic Display

Like many indoor cycling bikes, the JLL IC600 takes a minimalistic approach to digital features. Therefore, it does not feature many fancy pre-programmed workout programs. It does, however, feature a 5-function electronic display unit that shows time passed, distance covered, speed, calories burned and heart rate.

These key performance metrics are incredibly useful for measuring workout intensity and tracking post workout performance. The heart rate reading is incredibly useful for assessing fitness levels during post-workout cool down.

However, if you are someone who prefers to follow computer guided indoor cycling programs an indoor cycling bike may not be right for you. Instead, we recommend trying an upright exercise bike like the Pure Fitness and Sports MCL800 which comes with 12 pre-programmed workout programmes.

Extra Large Two-Way Flywheel

The JLL IC600 features an extra-large 22 KG flywheel that could challenge even the most experienced of athletes. However, don’t be put off if you are a first-time rider, the bikes resistance levels are completely customisable. Simply adjust the resistance knob to find a comfortable resistance level for your needs.

In addition to its large smooth flywheel, the JLL IC600 incorporates frictional resistance, accurately replicating the feeling of riding a traditional outdoor training bike.

What is unique about the JLL IC600 compared to the rest of the JLL IC range is its driver systems. Most of JLL’s IC’00 bikes feature chain direct chain drivers to turn the flywheel. Whereas, the JLL IC600 features a rubber belt driver. This means significantly less risk of chain breaks or jamming. Ultimately, prolonging the lifespan of the bike and minimising any maintenance costs.

Emergency Stop

As a built-in safety feature, the JLL IC600 has a built-in emergency stop button. This will bring the bike to a halt immediately should you wish to stop suddenly. This feature is only typically seen in premium indoor cycling bike.

Adjustable Handlebars and Seat

To accommodate riders of all sizes the JLL IC600 comes with various customisation settings. The bike's seat has 24 vertical adjustments and 4 horizontal settings.

JLL IC600 Advanced Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike Dimensions

Additionally, the JLL IC600’s handlebars have 12 levels of adjustment.Simply play around with customisation options until you find a riding position that is comfortable.

For additional information on the correct form and setting up indoor cycling bikes properly, we recommend reading our indoor cycling bike set up guide.

Adjustable Toe Cages

To prevent slippage and increase riding stability the JLL IC600 come fitted with adjustable toe straps also known as toe cages. These straps allow you to cycle harder for longer without the risk of injury from slipping off the pedals.Dual

Water Bottle Holder

Cycling for long periods of time, especially indoor can leave you over headed and dehydrated. This, in turn, can lead to a number of problems such as cramping and fatigue. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that riders have access to fluids as they cycle.JLL have designed the IC600 with not one, but two water bottle holders. These holders are conveniently located beside each of the bikes handlebar-armrests. Allowing for easy access to water at all times without ruining the rhythm of your workout.

Other indoor cycling bikes tend to put these water bottles at the sides of the bike. This makes it very difficult to continue cycling while reaching for fluids. Therefore, the JLL IC600 has one of the most user-friendly designs of any indoor cycling bike on the market.

Transport Wheels

JLL IC600 Transport Wheels

Similar to the IC400 and IC300 PRO, the JLL IC600 comes fitted with built-in transport wheel located at the front of the bike. Making wheeling the bike from one room to another incredibly easy.

However, it is important to note this bike I considerably heavier than any other JLL IC model, weighing in at 71 KG. Therefore, be incredibly careful while lifting this product, especially if you have back problems.

24 Month Warranty

JLL are incredibly confident in the quality of their ultimate indoor cycling bike. That is why they offer a full 24-month warranty on every JLL IC600 Advanced Commercial Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike.

Therefore, you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth should you invest in this JLL IC model.It is important to note that all lower models in the JLL IC range only come with 12-month warranties.

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