Our Detailed Review of the JLL® Home Recumbent Exercise Bike RE100

This is our number one choice, if you have decided that a recumbent exercise bike, is the one for you. The JLL Model Number RE100, gets rave reviews from very satisfied buyers. We also happen to think, that this is also the best value for money bike on the UK market today. It makes it to number one, on our top rated recumbent exercise bike list.

There are quite literally hundreds of models, from all of the leading brands. However, for around £110, this one really does stand out from the crowd. Let's have a closer look to find out why.​


Review Summary

Product Name:

JLL® Home Recumbent Exercise Bike RE100

Product Type:

Recumbent Exercise Bike

Average Retail Price:

Around £110


We rate this one as our number one choice. Thousands of buyers agree and also rate this model very highly indeed. Has all the right features, is good quality and the price is affordable for most people.

Our Rating:

Who Would Buy this Exercise Bike from JLL?

We read all of the available reviews to get an accurate picture of who actually buys this machine, why they buy it and has it helped them achieve their fitness objectives? It became clear that those with low or reduced mobility preferred this type of bike. Some recumbent bikes can be quite large. As such they can take up a lot of valuable space.

This one is compact, and ideal for placing in front of the TV, should you wish to do that. People recovering from knee surgery, hip replacements or any type of back surgery quickly found that this bike really helped them out.

It also became clear, that people were using this to lose weight. In some cases that was to trim down before an operation. Generally though people used it to help lose a few pounds and strengthen up the legs.

RE 100 Key Specifications

As you can see from the image to the right, this model has 8 resistance levels, that use a 4 Kg Flywheel. That allows you to start off at a low resistance level. As you improve, you can then slowly increase this to continually improve. The resistance is changed by simply turning a knob.

jll-re100-key-specification diagram

There is a really comfortable seat, ideal for longer workouts, and as you can see a number of important adjustable positions.

Those positions are essential so as you can get the perfect position for your body size. It also has a well padded back on the seat.

This bike helps reduce user fatigue. It feels solid, well made and very easy to assemble.​

Main Review of the JLL RE100

Let's start with a short video review just to give you a feel of how this bike looks, when taken out of the box.

You can pay quite a lot of money for the very high end recumbent bikes. At the very high end, you would have to fork out close to £2,000. Now although the JLL RE100 does not have all of the high end features, it does all of the basic ones very well indeed. This bike is well made, feels sturdy and will last you for many years.

RE100 Warranty & Guarantees​

re100 warranty offer

It is supported by a 12 month warranty for home use. The only restriction on the use of this bike, is that is only suitable for people weighing 100 Kg (225 lbs or 16 stones)or less.

JLL can also be contacted should you have any problems with assembly. Instructions are provided and are easy to understand.

Contact Number for Support: 08006123988

As you can see there is also a 30 day peace of mind, "money back guarantee."

What the Buyers Said?

The best way of finding out if a product is any good is to read what buyers say, once they have bought the product and have had time to use it. Doing that can take up a lot of time. We have done that work for you and have summarised their main opinions below.

The Seat - The seat is big and comfortable. It can easily hold even the most ample of bottoms. The seat is 15" wide, and sits about 16" off the ground. That makes it easy to get on and off, and it is a generous width.

Restricted Mobility - This bike is a good choice for anyone who has any form of restricted mobility.​ May different types and ages of people were able to use this, either to lose a little weight, or to help them exercise and recover from operations or treatments. Many people who enjoyed walking, and then started to suffer from joint or leg pains, found this to be an excellent alternative.

Size and Weight of the RE100 Bike​

The dimensions are shown in the diagram below.​


The bike weighs around 30 KG (just under 70 lbs)

“This bike is an ideal choice for anyone suffering from neck pain, shoulder pain or any form of back pain ”

Compared to either an upright or spin bike, this is a much easier bike to exercise on. Your centre of gravity is low and your back is fully supported.


If you want the ultimate in comfort, don't be afraid to place a normal cushion on to the seat of this. It makes a good difference.​ Just make sure that you are not too high or over stretching your legs.

SUMMARY OF the JLL RE100 Exercise Bike

We are now at the end of our review. We recommend this one as our number one choice. Hopefully we have made our reasons for doing this clear, in the review above.


What Buyers Liked
  • Great value for money
  • Very comfortable and easy to use 
  • Well made,sturdy and easy to assemble
Didn't Like            
  • Only 5% of buyers were not happy with their purchase
  • A few said some parts were missing on arrival

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If this is not the right one for you, then check out our list of the highest rated recumbent exercise bikes, currently available on the UK market. The one that we have reviewed above is however a very popular choice.

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