JTX Cyclo-5: Upright Gym Exercise Bike Review

Offering one of the most advanced riding experiences around, this upright bike by JTX comes with some exceptional features.

The silent magnetic resistance drive system is one of the quietest around, especially when compared to noisy friction resistance bikes, while the pedal motion is smooth and realistic.

This review will identify the products stand out premium features. As well as what buyer in the UK thought where the products benefits and drawbacks.

Quick Review Summary 


  • Stability
  • App integration
  • Easy Assembly
  • 2 year warranty 
  • High Quality Speakers 

  • Complicated

JTX Cyclo-5 Exercise Bike Detailed Review

What customers love about the JTX Cyclo-5


Many customers were incredibly pleased with the comfort of their riding experience with the JTX Cyclo-5. This is due to the bikes slim frame which features a large padded saddle that can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. This makes the JTX Cyclo-5 one of the most customisable upright exercise bikes currently available on the UK market.

Delivery & Set-Up

The majority of buyers were pleased with the products speedy delivery and easy setup. The bike comes party assembled on delivery and comes with easy to follow instructions. Typically the assembly process took no longer than 30 minutes to complete.

Please note, the JTX Cyclo-5 is a premium upright exercise bike. As such it is much heavier than many other indoor cycling bikes. Therefore, we recommend you transport the bikes 54 KG frame with care.

In Depth Workout Experience

The JTX Cyclo-5 proved to be incredibly popular with experienced athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Its advanced pre-programmed workout routines and third-party fitness application integration offered numerous workout option. Customers were also pleased with how easy the JTX Cyclo-5 made post workout fitness tracking.

What customers don't love about the JTX Cyclo-5

​Too Many Advanced Applications

One drawback customers found with the JTX Cyclo-5 is that compared to conventional indoor cycling and upright exercise bike, is it can become complicated to use. Particular if you are unfamiliar with Bluetooth applications or training app. Of course, the bike works perfectly well without these applications. However, they are the primary selling point of this exercise bike model.

If you are someone who prefers a simpler riding experience with fewer applications we recommend checking out the York Fitness 110, Pure Fitness & Sports MCL800 or JLL JF100.

JTX Cyclo-5 Key Features

Magnetic Resistance

The JTX Cyclo-5 upright exercise bike offers an exceptional range of magnetic resistance. Using a smooth drive system this exercise bike has 16-levels of resistance. This allows users to tailor their workout experience. Whether they are a first-time cyclist or an experienced athlete.

Additional benefits of magnetic resistance are that they run much more quietly than exercise bikes that incorporate frictional resistance. Bikes that incorporate electromagnetic resistance also require less maintenance and last longer than conventional friction pad bikes.

Self-Generated Power Option

Unlike some upright exercise bikes, the JTX Cyclo-5 requires no mains power supply. Rather its built-in computer and display unit is powered by kinetic energy. Simply hop on the saddle and start cycling to activate the bikes electronic features.

Built In Speaker Entertainment System

Don’t like wearing earphones while you cycle? With the JTX Cyclo-5, you never have to worry about this again. With high-quality speakers built in simply link your Mp3 or mobile device to play your favourite tunes.

Advanced Computer Display with Bluetooth

The JTX Cyclo-5 features a simple clutter free display unit that illustrates all key performance metrics. It also comes with 12 pre-programmed workout options.

These are pretty standard upright bike features. However, what makes the JTX Cyclo-5 completely unique you can connect via Bluetooth to console and Kinomaps apps if you have a smartphone or tablet device. These apps show a real-life location and will allow your bike to automatically adjust to your selected terrain. Keeping workouts interesting and allowing riders to change things up easily.

Additionally, the apps allow you to measure your post workout performance metrics. Ultimately, providing a completely unique riding experience.

Free Polar Compatible Heart Rate Chest Strap

To ensure users get the most out of their workouts each JTX Cyclo-5 comes with a free Polar heart rate chest strap. This strap connects to the bikes computer wirelessly and allows to bike resistance to change automatically to maintain within your workouts target heart rate. It's like having your very own personal trainer.Seat CustomisationTo ensure the optimum riding position and comfort the JTX Cyclo-5 features a fully adjustable seat. This seat can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally to accommodate people of all sizes.To learn how to perfectly adjust your bikes riding position we recommend reading our indoor cycling set up guide.

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