Our detailed Kettler Premium Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

The Kettler Premium Recumbent Exercise Bike is at the higher end of this type of bike. The brand Kettler is always associated with the higher quality fitness products, and is a well respected brand in the UK

This is their "Premium" product in this range of bikes, best suited for those recovering from various types of injuries. It is also a very goo choice for older people who want to maintain a decent level of fitness.

Let’s take a closer look at what features are included in the Kettler Premium bike. We will of course also check out what other buying customers had to say.

Who Would Buy this Exercise Bike from Kettler?

What we found in regards to the Kettler was that purchases where based around buying something that would last, was well made, and had a lot of useful features. Like most recumbent purchases, this model was bough primarily by people with back problems, or those recovering from injury.

Almost all buyers gave this cycle either a full 5 star rating, or a 4 star rating. The only bad review we could find, and we looked hard, was from one person who left a review that was difficult to understand. We ignored it and looked at the other 99% of reviews.

Quick Summary

Product Name:

Kettler Premium Recumbent Exercise Bike

Product Type:

Recumbent Cycling Bike

Average Retail Price:

Around £400


Kettler are one of the leading brands, when it comes to making indoor exercise bikes. With this model, we are going into the higher end bikes, which are better quality, and built to last for years.

Our Rating:


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Kettler Premium Key Features:


It measures 165 x 101 x 66 cm and weighs 49 Kg. For those who like the old measurements (like me) that is 64 x 40 x 26" and weighs just under 8 stones

Resistance Levels

There are 16 levels of resistance. That allows you to start off easy. As your strength increases then you can slowly make your way up the resistance ranges. The higher you go the tougher it is to push the pedals around.

Over time that is a really great way of increasing the strength of the muscles in your legs. The flywheel and these resistance levels, combine really well, and help reduce any impact on the important joints, such as the hip, knees and ankles.


The cheaper recumbent bikes​ will not include this feature. When people who buy this model start using these programs, they discover that they are very useful. Rather than just hop on a bike and start pedalling, it is a better idea to pick a program, and follow that. It is also easier to then measure your progress against this set program.

With this model you get a choice of 12 programs.

Measuring Your Progress​

If you are recovering from injury, or trying to lose weight, a key motivator is to be able to measure how you are getting on. This Kettler Premium model really assists in doing just that. It can measure time, distance, speed, energy used, consumption rate and pedalling speed.

led display of the kettler premium bike

It can also measure the pulse if you decide to buy a chest strap for measuring the heart rate. Many bikers buy one of these as they start to make progress and want to keep an eye on the heart and pulse rate.​

​It is also worth mentioning for anyone who may have mobility issues, that this one is easy to get on and off. The seating position is excellent.

SUMMARY OF the Kettler Recumbent Premium Model


The GOOD stuff
  • A high end bike
  • Great choice of pre-programs
  • 16 levels of resistance
The BAD stuff
  • Nothing bad to report

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