Reebok GB40 One Series Exercise Bike Review

Reebok GB40 One Series Exercise Bike

The GB40 is Reebok’s entry level upright exercise bike it’s popular One Series Range. Other products in the One Series range include the GB50 and GB60. With a bright LCD Display, 6 KG flywheel and 8 levels of manual resistance, this bike offers exceptional functionality at an affordable price.

This review will outline what differentiates the Reebok GB40 from the rest of the One Series range. As well what real buyers thought were the products best and worst features.

Quick Review Summary 


  • Great Riding Experience
  • Simple But Effective
  • Easy Assembly
  • Manual Resistance 

  • Noisy  

Reebok GB40 One Series Exercise Bike Detailed Review

What customers love about the Reebok GB40 One Series

Simple But Effective

A widespread problem with upright exercise bike consoles is that they can become incredibly complicated. However, most customers were pleased with how easy the Reebok GB40 One Series straight out of the box. The control console was incredibly simplistic and easy to understand.

Riding Experience

The Reebok GB40 One Series proved to be incredibly popular with experienced athletes and fitness enthusiasts Many agreeing the Reebok GB40 One Series accurately replicated the feeling of riding an outdoor training bike on the open road. The bikes flywheel rotated smoothly and offered more challenging workouts the higher its resistance was cranked up.

Easy Set Up
Reebok GB40 Side

Reebok has made setting up the GB40 One Series incredibly straight forward. The bike comes partly assembled on delivery and typically took users no longer than 30 minutes to complete. It is recommended that the bike is assembled where you want it to be placed in your home, therefore it is important to keep this in mind.

Additionally, it is worth noting the Reebok GB40 One Series weighs 30.3 Kg. Therefore, we recommend having a friend help you transport it in its boxed form. Post assembly transporting the bike will no longer be an issue as it incorporates built in transport wheel.

What customers don't love about the Reebok GB40 One Series


Due to the Reebok GB40 One Series incorporating manual variable resistance, the bike was louder than many buyers expected. This does not seem to be an issue when the bike is cycled in the lower resistance levels. However, once the resistance is cranked up there is a significant difference.

Therefore, if you find this aspect of the Reebok GB40 One Series to be off-putting. We recommend checking out a magnetic resistance exercise bike such as the York Fitness 110, JLL JF150 and DKN AM-E. These bikes operate much more quietly than manual resistance exercise bikes.

Reebok GB40 One Series Key Features

LCD Display + Programmed Workout Modes
Reebok GB40 One Series Exercise Bike Console

The Reebok GB40 One Series features a bright easy to read LCD display unit. This unit displays the user’s key performance states. These stats include Time, Speed, Watts, Distance, Pulse and Calories burned. It also allows users to select from 4 workout programs which can be easily interchanged without disturbing your workout.

These stats and programmes can be used to help maintain workout intensity and focus. They also work as an effective means of measuring post workout performance.

Manual Resistance

When designing the GB40 One Series, Reebok opted for an eight-level manual resistance system. This is unique as the majority of upright exercise bikes incorporate magnetic resistance systems.What’s the difference?

Magnetic exercise bikes use electromagnetic force to slow down the bike's flywheel. Whereas, manual resistance bikes as frictional breaking power. The primary advantage of manual resistance over magnetic resistance is that it allows for a more authentic riding experience. Similar to that of riding an outdoor training bike.

If you prefer magnetic resistance upright exercise bikes we recommend checking out the JLL JF100 or JTX- Cyclo 5.

Adjustable Saddle

The Reebok GB40 One Series features a large contoured saddle that is both supportive and comfortable. This saddles position can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally to ensure maximum comfort and optimal riding position. To learn how the best seat calibration for your exercise bike we recommend reading our indoor cycling set up guide.

Toe Straps

Slipping off the pedals of your exercise bike is not only annoying, it can be dangerous. Reebok has designed the GB40 One Series with built in toe straps. These straps are located above each pedal and help provide extra riding stability by locking the rider’s feet in place. This ultimately allows riders to cycle faster and harder in confidence.

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