Our Detailed RevXtreme s1000 Indoor Cycle Review

The We R Sports- RevXtreme s1000 Indoor Cycle has received excellent reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers around the world. That is why it is our number one choice when it comes to indoor cycling bike.

We also believe that it also encompasses all the key features and attributes that make a high quality indoor cycling bike. But without the hefty price tag.

Let’s dive a little deeper.

Who Would Buy this Exercise Bike from We R Sports?

As impartial reviewers we read hundreds of customer reviews good and bad to determine ideal user for this product.

What we found was that the customers who really found value ranged from experience indoor cycle riders to beginners. However, what all customers typically had in common is they wanted a no nonsense piece of training equipment. Without all the “frilly” fancy features commonly associate with many upright exercise bikes.

Additionally, users of the RevXtreme s1000 Indoor Cycle usually had a very specific fitness goal in mind. These goals typically revolved around fat loss and many users reported fantastic weight loss transformations of up to 2 stone. However, the bike was also commonly used by individuals recovering from injury looking to get back into shape.

Ultimately, the RevXtreme s1000 Indoor Cycle is ideal for anyone who is serious about achieving their fitness goals. Whatever they may be.

Quick Summary

Product Name:

We R Sports RevXtreme s1000 Indoor Cycle

Product Type:

Indoor Cycling Bike

Average Retail Price:

Around £170


We rate this one as our number one indoor cycling bike choice. Hundreds of customers believed it encompassed all the key features that make a great indoor cycling bike.  

Our Rating:


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We R Sports RevXtreme s1000 Indoor Cycle Key Features

Size and manoeuvrability:

As far as indoor cycling bikes size go the RevXtreme s1000 Indoor Cycle is fairly compact. It stands at just 1.24 meters in height and is only 1.08 meters long. Therefore, it doesn’t take up much room in your home.

Additionally the bike when fully assembled weighs around 38 KG which is fairly average for an indoor cycling bike. This may heavier than many users are used to transporting around the house. However, to resolve this issue We R Sport have cleverly incorporated some built in transport wheels to make it easier.

Vertical & Horizontal Seat Adjustability:

The RevXtreme s1000 Indoor Cycle features a sturdy padded saddle (Seat) that can support users of any shape or size. More importantly, it offers both vertical and horizontal seat adjustability.

Why is this important?

Firstly, having the ability to adjust your seated riding position is vital to provide a comfortable riding experience.

Secondly, adjusting the seat height and horizontal positioning to suite your height and leg length is important in terms of safety. This is because riding an indoor bike too close to the handlebars or too low down can compromise your knee joints.

Therefore, it is important to never purchase an indoor cycling bike that does not adjust both vertically and horizontally. Your knees will thank you in the long run.

Multi-Functional Electronic Display Panel:

As mentioned in my indoor cycling bike buying guide, indoor cycling bikes do not incorporate many fancy entertainment features, and nor should they. Indoor cycling bikes are highly functional pieces of fitness equipment. Therefore, complicated features and applications only take away from the riding experience.

With that in mind, the RevXtreme s1000 Indoor Cycle has an incredibly simple yet functional electronic display panel. This electronic display shows all the information a user ever needs to know; calories burned, time, speed and distance.

This information is useful in terms of maintaining workout intensity and performance. But most importantly of all, it does not distract the user from what really matters – the workout.

What the buyers said

What buyers loved about the RevXTreme s1000

Easily Assembled

The majority of customers found the RevXtreme s1000 Indoor Cycle to be quite easy to assemble. Customers stated that the bike came with easy to follow instructions.

However, many customers said the setup was pretty self-explanatory.Additionally, the longest time taken to assemble the RevXTreme s1000 indoor cycle according to customer reviews was 40 minutes. However, what was interesting about that particular assembly was it was completed by a man recovering from a shoulder injury who only has use of one arm. Therefore, if a one armed man can assemble this bike anyone can.

Helped customers achieve weight loss

Many customers described the RevXTreme s1000 indoor cycle as the “tool” that catalysed their weight loss journey. Some customers reported incredible losses of 1 or 2 stone in the first few months of using the bike on a daily basis.Weight loss will vary from person to person depending on their diet and training regimen.

However, typically users who did 30 minutes of cycling at quick steady pace daily experience much more consistent weight loss than those who did not.Ultimately, if you’re willing to put in the work the RevXTreme s1000 is can be an incredible weight loss companion.

Value for money

Many customers including veteran indoor cycling bike users where very pleased with the quality and price of this product.Many customers left positive reviews on the sturdiness of the RevXTreme s1000. Often describing the bike as “smooth”, “robust” and most of all “reliable”.

This is impressive considering this bike is not one of the most expensive indoor cycle bikes on the market. Typically the RevXTreme s1000 retails for around £170 online which s considerably cheaper than similar models which can cost you upwards of £200.Ultimately, this bike has been built to last and you will definitely get your money’s worth and then some.

What buyers didn’t love about the RevXTreme s1000

Can Be Noisy

Something customers’ where not particularly fond of was the sound the RevXTreme s1000 can make occasionally. More specifically, customers raised concerns about the bike making a sound similar to “whoooo” when the bikes resistance levels where higher. Some customers described is a dull hum, other describes it as the sound a UFO makes.

Ultimately, although im not quite sure what a UFO sounds like, if you your indoor cycling bikes noisiness is a problem. The RevXtreme may not be the indoor cycling bike you’re looking for.

SUMMARY OF the RevXtreme s1000 Indoor Cycle

Ultimately, the RevExtreme s1000 Indoor cycle is our number one indoor cycling bike recommendation. It has an excellent price point of around £170 and has reviewed fantastic feedback from customers.

Our rating


The GOOD stuff
  • Size and maneovrability
  • Seat adjustability
  • Value for money
  • Helped aid weight loss 
The BAD stuff
  • Can be Noisy 

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