Our detailed Schwinn 270i Recumbent Bike Review

Schwinn are one of the highest quality brands that you can buy, when it comes to good quality exercise bikes. The brand has been world class for many years. That of course usually means a high price tag. The Schwinn 270i Recumbent Bike is without any doubt one of the best on the UK market, but it comes with a £500+ price tag.

We have chosen to review this particular model as when it comes to buying a recumbent exercise bike, this is clearly one of the best. The price tag will put many people off, but for those who can afford it, this Schwinn model is an excellent choice.

Let’s take a closer look at the 270i model, and see what it has to offer.

Schwinn 270i Recumbent Bike Review

Who Would Buy this Exercise Bike from Schwinn?

This bike is ideal for any type of use, who needs the support of the recumbent style bikes. Typically those are the elderly, those suffering from any type of back pain, knee or ankle joint pain, and for those recovering from operations.

What we found was the “typical user” of the Schwinn 270i wanted a high quality reliable recumbent exercise bike, that would last them for years. This 270i model really does have all the features that you will ever need. It is also a completely reliable brand that only delivers high end products.

Therefore, if you have the money, want a bike with a wide range of features, and something that will last, then look no further than this model.

Quick Summary

Product Name:

Schwinn 270i

Product Type:

Indoor Recumbent Exercise Bike

Average Retail Price:

Around £550-600


We rate this bike very highly. It is not a cheap option. However it will meet all the requirements of a recumbent indoor cycling bike.

Our Rating:


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Key Features

Appearance & Design

It is pretty evident to see, that this bike looks great. If you looked at the image above, the bike looks great. Many of the cheaper bikes look poorly made. The construction of this one is excellent. Mainly that is because it has a single piece frame. Many of the cheaper exercise bikes, are made of pieces, which are then typically welded together. There are not many, where the frame is made of one solid structure.

The advantage of that means that there are no weak spots. That ensures its durability.

Large Mid-Frame Support

The Schwinn 270i also has a large mid-frame support. That is ideal for heavier people, or for those with larger frames. If you are injured, or recovering from am injury, you want as much support as you can. The one thing you will never want is to risk making the injury worse. With this type of support, you will be a lot more comfortable. You will also feel a great deal more secure.

More Comfort Features than Many

Almost all exercise bike manufacturers promise comfort. The reality is that very few of them actually deliver on that promise. If you plan on sitting on an exercise bike most days, then you want that experience to be comfortable. For that you need a seat/saddle that is padded. This model really does have a well padded seat, that has also been carefully contoured to make the sitting experience comfortable.

In other words the seat has been designed to suit your bottom. It is also vented at the back rest to allow air to pass through and avoid sweating. In addition to that, the seat is fully adjustable using a sliding rail. In fact with the Schwinn 270i model, not only is the seat adjustable, but the pedals, and the handlebars are all fully adjustable. That allows you to set up your new bike to the perfect riding position.

This bike also comes with a built-in 3-speed fan. There is also an over sized water bottle holder.

Video Review of the Schwinn 270i Recumbent Exercise Bike

If you prefer to watch video, rather then read detailed reviews like this, then please have a look just below.​

Dual Track Monitoring System

Riding an exercise bike can just be plain boring. It is one of the main reasons that users stop riding them. Schwinn have tried to solve this problem with their dual technology software. Now you can use your ipad or kindle to read, while at the same time still see all of your workout metrics. That can help make the entire experience more efficient and a lot more interesting.

If you like listening to music the 270i comes with two built-in chamber speakers.

29 Exercise Programs

Again to try and counteract the boredom, and help give you some focus, this Schwinn model comes with 29 programs. We think most buyers will agree that there is a great deal more to getting fit, than just hopping on to a bike. The exercises need to be designed to suit you the individual, and also to add variety and deliver good workouts.

25 Levels of Resistance

Most recumbent exercise bikes come with 8 levels of resistance. The better ones come with 16 levels. The Schwinn 270i has a full 25 levels. That means as your strength increases, then you can keep increasing the levels to get fitter and fitter.

Track Your Progress


You can connect this bike up to the Schwinn Connect website. There you can measure and fully track your entire statistics and performance. This bike also works with the Smart Phone App known as myfitnesspal.  That allows you to synchronise all of your workout data to your phone.

What the buyers said

What buyers loved about the Schwinn 270i Exercise Bike

schwinn 270i recumbent exercise bike

A Joy to Ride

What was interesting here, was that many buyers decided on this model, having had tried many other cheaper models. Clearly those inexpensive models had disappointed and buyers had decided to upgrade. That is really the essence of this exercise bike. It has every feature you will ever need, but is heavily designed for comfort.

Stability & Safety

Many experienced bike users commented on how impressed they were with the general stability of the 270i. As I mentioned earlier this single frame construction really does remove any doubt of the bike being unstable, or flimsy.

You feel as if you are sitting on something solid. It is also very easy to get on to and also to get off.

Most buyers said that it provided a superior riding experience. When compared to more expensive bikes they had used in the past.

Value for money

Many customers said that this was a lot to pay. They did however mention that this was a one off payment for high quality. We believe that this will be the key deciding factor for many buyers. There is just no question that this recumbent exercise bike is everything you will ever need. It is high quality and will last for years. The big question is, can you afford this bike, or willing to invest that high amount of money?

What buyers didn’t love about the Schwinn 270i

No Bluetooth

For spending this amount of money, people were disappointed that it does not come with bluetooth.

Back Rest

Some buyers also said that they thought the back rest should be able to be adjusted but it can't be.

SUMMARY OF the Schwinn 270i

Ultimately we have scored this bike 4.7 out of 5 stars. It is fantastic value for money and features everything you could ever need from and indoor cycling bike. 

Dont just take out word for it check out what other customers thought on Amazon​.


The GOOD stuff
  • A joy to ride
  • Simple setup
  • Sturdy design
  • Built for comfort
  • 25 levels of resistance
  • Can track progress with online and app connections
The BAD stuff
  • No bluetooth
  • Can't adjust the back rest

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