How To Set up and Use an indoor cycling bikes

STEP 1: Dress for the Occasion:

Cycling often works up a sweat. Therefore, before you hop on your indoor cycling bike and pedal to your hearts content, ensure you are wearing appropriate cycling attire. That doesn’t mean you have dress head to do in spandex- unless that’s your thing.

Rather, opt for some light clothing made of quick drying material to ensure you are comfortable throughout your work out. Also, some individual experience a lot of friction between their inner thighs when using indoor exercise bikes.

Therefore, if at all possible wear light weight tracksuit bottoms or leggings.

STEP 2: Get the right Foot Position

This applies to all types of indoor cycling bikes whether they feature toe cages or not. Ensure your foot is placed firmly on the pedals with the ball of your foot positioned directly in the centre.If you have the money it may be a good idea to invest in some cycling shoes. If not a pair of trainers with good sole grips are also suitable.

STEP 3: Adjust your Vertical Seat Height

This step is incredibly important, as although indoor cycling is low impact activity riding too low can put unnecessary stress on your knee joints. Therefore, drastically increasing your chances of injury.

The appropriate height of your seat can be determined by placing both feet firmly on the pedals in a seated position. For optimum comfort and safety a good rule of thumb is that your knee should be bent at a 25-35 degree angle.

STEP 4: Adjust your Horizontal seat position

The vast majority of the best indoor cycling bikes incorporate a horizontal seat adjustment. To find your seat’s ideal distance from the handlebars, sit on the seat with both pedals directly above the floor.

If your seat is appropriately adjusted, your knees should be positioned directly above the centre point of the pedals.

STEP 5: Don’t Forget the Handle Bars

The final step that is often overlooked is correctly adjusting the height of the indoor cycling bikes handle bars. Your bikes ideal handlebar position is usually where it is most comfortable and does not put unnecessary strain on your back or neck. This is often directly in line with your adjusted seat position.


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