Our detailed Ultrasport F-Bike Foldable Exercise Bike Review

The Ultrasport foldable exercise bike is one of the highest rated, and best selling bikes, currently available in the UK market. That is because it is affordable for most people, with an average retail price of around £110. It is often referred to as the Ultrasport F-Bike 200B.

A great many people who choose to do indoor cycling to keep fit, do so because they prefer to exercise in the privacy of their own home. They are quite happy to get the bike out, do their workout, and then want to put it away when they have completed their routine.

Many people simply don't have the space to leave an exercise bike sitting around. That is why foldable exercise bikes have become so very popular.

Let’s take a closer look at what features are included in the Ultasports foldable exercise bike. We will also let you know what customers thought about their experience of using it.

Who Would Buy the F-Bike 200B from Ultrasport?

When you take the time to read all of the reviews, it becomes clear that the people who buy this model like using upright bikes. Now you can buy plenty of those, but many models do not fold away for easy storage.

This one does and that is a key selling point for many of the buyers. They wanted a bike that looked good, allowed them to get a full workout, and could then be quickly and easily stored away until it was required again.

The manufacturer designed this one for people who want a moderate workout, and a good overall workout for the whole body.​

Quick Summary

Product Name:

Ultrasport Foldable Exercise Bike (F-Bike 200B)

Product Type:

Folding Cycling Bike

Average Retail Price:

Around £110


This model from Ultrasport gets very high satisfaction rating by the buyers. Overall it has achieved a rating of 94%, excellent by any standards, and at an affordable price.

Our Rating:


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Ultrasport Foldable Bike Key Features:


When it is fully opened it measures 121 cm high x 95 cm long  x 45 cm wide. When folded it measures 142 cm high x 36 com long x 45 cm wide. So in essence the width stays the same. When you fold it the length changes significantly, and the height slightly increases due to the nature of the fold.

The diagram below should help explain this.

F bike foldable size

Video Review of the Ultrasport In action

The short video below will give you a very good indication of what you are getting for your money.​

What the Buyers of the F-Bike 200bB Really Think?

With a 4.7 out of 5 star rating, it is obvious to state that buyers rate their purchase highly. The real question is why would this be the case? Here is a summary of what they said, in terms of the key features.

Strong and Sturdy Build - ​It is very well made, strong and durable and clearly built to last. It is also very quick to assemble.

Easy to take out and put away - ​This is what owning a good quality foldable bike will give you. Many buyers said the way this folded was easy. It folds flat for very easy storage.

Back Rest - ​It has a back rest which really does help support the lower back. So although not a recumbent bike, it will help anyone who needs a little back support. It is well padded and very comfortable.

Quiet as a mouse - ​When you ride some indoor bikes it sounds like a train entering the station. This one is as quiet as a mouse. That's great as you will not be disturbing the TV watchers in the house.

Resistance Levels - ​The problems with some folding bikes is that they only have a few resistance levels. This is an important feature if you want to have a good workout and be able to progress your fitness. This one has 8 levels of resistance and that is enough to help improve your cycling fitness

Pulse Sensor - This was found to be accurate and very useful.​

​What the Buyers of the F-Bike 200bB Didn't Like?

The saddle - the saddle is sore on the rear end was the view of many buyers. Most buyers recommended buying a separate gel type saddle. A great idea if you plan on doing long workouts.​

folded exercise bike by ultrasport

SUMMARY OF the Ultrasport Foldable


The GOOD stuff
  • Easy to assemble, put up and fold away
  • Well made and built to last
  • Good choice of resistant levels
  • Very quiet to use
The BAD stuff
  • The saddle is sore on the rear if used for a long time
  • Slightly more expensive than other folding bikes

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