Our detailed XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Bike Review

The XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Bike is second on our list of the best indoor cycling bikes. XS Sport is widely acknowledged as one of the UKs best fitness equipment brands. With a proven track record of producing high quality exercise bikes, it’s no surprise this bike has also receive rave reviews.

We have chosen to review this product on the basis that incorporates all the key features that any good indoor cycling bike should have. However, does not incorporate all the fancy features, that not only make the bike more expensive for the customer. But also take away from the quality of the riding experience.

Let’s take a closer look at what features are included in the XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Bike. As well as what customers thoughts and experiences where.

Who Would Buy this Exercise Bike from XS SPORTS?

As independent reviewers we compare and contrast customer reviews over the world to determine an accurate representation of the users of exercise bikes.

What we found in regards to the XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Bike was that purchases where based around effectiveness and value for money.

Therefore, this bike is most appealing to customers who want to get into shape but don’t want splash out a lot of money. In fact many current users have opted to use this indoor cycling bike instead of paying “extortionate gym fees”.Ultimately, the XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Bike is ideal for anyone who is serious about working out. But doesn’t want to spend a fortune.

Quick Summary

Product Name:

XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Bike

Product Type:

Indoor Cycling Bike

Average Retail Price:

Around £140


The XS Sport Aerobic Indoor Training bike is second on our list of the best indoor cycling bikes on the market. For around £140 this bike gives you all the features you need as well as useful pulse sensors. Which are not commonly found in indoor cycling bikes.

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XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Bike Key Features:


Compared to the vast majority of indoor cycling bikes on the market this indoor bike is very compact and light. When fully erected the bike stands at 1.12 meters high and 1.05 meter long. Therefore, whether you keep it your home gym, bedroom or living room this bike will take up very little space.

If you think you will be are going to be moving your indoor cycle from room to room regularly. Then you may want to know about the weight and general mobility of this bike.

The XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Bike weigh roughly 35 KG when full assembled. This is considerably lighter than many other indoor cycle bikes available in the UK. However, 35 KG may not be light in the opinion of many customers.

That is why the bike has been designed with transport wheels located in front of the flywheel. Making this bike much easier to move and relocated around your house.

Water bottle holder

When doing any exercise, especially cardiovascular activities, it is always important to keep water within reach. That’s why the XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Bike incorporates a water bottle holder on its central support shaft.Having the bottle holder located closely to the handlebar is fantastic as it allows easy access to water without bending. This allows you to stay hydrated without disturbing the rhythm of your workout.

Arm rests & Adjustable Handlebars

A common problem many indoor cyclist can experience, myself included, is elbow pain. Especially when leaning on an indoor cycling bike’s handle bars for an extended period of time.That is why XS Sports have designed this bike with padded elbow rest to prove the most comfortable riding experience possible.

Additionally, this bike features full adjustable handlebars to suit the individual’s preferences. This is largely overlooked by many customers when buying an indoor cycling bike. However, having adjustable handlebars is massively beneficial as over bending can lead bad posture as well as back pain.

Tip: As a rule of thumb always adjust your indoor cycling bikes handlebars to be poisoned horizontal to the adjusted bike seat. This will ensure correct form as well as protect you from long term injury.

Pulse Sensors

The the XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Bike incorporates all the basic electronic display features any good indoor cycle should have. Such as, speed, workout time, calories burned and distance covered. Which are all fantastic workout intensity indicator which help the rider stay motivated.

However, this XS Sports Indoor cycling bike also features something that is uncommon in many indoor cycles, especially cheap ones. That is it incorporates pulse sensors which are located in the mid-section of the handle bars.

Pulse sensors are incredibly useful in monitoring and maintaining your workout intensity as many workout require you to work within a percentage of your maximum heart rate. Additionally, pulse sensors are a useful way of monitoring your recovery time and overall progress.

Pedal Toe Cages

This bike like any high quality indoor cycling bike incorporates toe cages located over the pedals. These cages secure your feet in the correct poison and prevent you from slipping of your bike.Toe cages are also useful in terms of workout intensity as they allow you to generate greater downward momentum without slippage.

What the buyers said

What buyers loved about the XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Bike

Well-constructed design that is easy to assemble:

The majority of customers where very pleased with the sturdiness of the XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Bikes components. Particularly they were impressed with the how strong and robust its bearing where.

Additionally, very few customers found the bike difficult to assemble. Many customers completed the assembly by themselves in less than 30 minute. The bike includes very straight forward instructions and does not require any advanced tools. However, many customers described the assembly as very “self-explanatory”.


Many customers where pleased with their overall comfort when using this indoor cycling bike.

This was largely due to the fact that the adjustability of the bike seat position and handlebar customisation. This allowed customers to of all heights adjust the bike specifically to their needs. Ultimately allowing them to work out comfortably with minimal stress on their knees and back.

Great Value

The vast majority of users ranging from beginners to experienced indoor cyclist expressed that they were very happy with the value for money of this product.At only £130-£140 at some online retailer this bike is vastly cheaper than some of the more main stream brands. However, it equally matches if not exceed customers’ expectations in terms of quality.Most notably, customers where very pleased with how quietly and smoothly the bike still runs. Even though it was purchased months, and in some cases years ago.

What buyers didn’t love about the XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Bike


The one thing a few customer where unhappy with post purchase was the XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Bikes seat. Like many indoor cycling bike the seat is quick narrow and isn’t ideal for some users.

However, many helpful commenters also mention that this issue could be resolved with a gel seat cover. These seat cover are readily available in many retailers such as Tesco, Argos and of course Amazon.co.uk

SUMMARY OF XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Bike

Our rating:


The GOOD stuff
  • Comfortable
  • Value for money
  • Compact design
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Sturdy
The BAD stuff
  • Seat

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