XS Sports Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

The XS Sports Recumbent exercise bike is one of the most affordable on the UK market. With an average price of around £99, this is a good quality product, at an affordable price.

It uses what is termed magnetic resistance that allows you to adjust the strength of the pedalling resistance. There are 8 different levels of resistance, and for most people that is usually enough. It made it to number two on our top rated list, and is a popular choice. Let's have a closer look.


Review Summary

Product Name:

XS Sports Magnetic Exercise Bike

Product Type:

Recumbent Exercise Bike

Average Retail Price:

Around £99


We rate this one as our number two choice. As this one is priced at under £100, this is a good choice for anyone who knows the benefits of cycling, but doesn't want to spend a huge amount of money. It has good features, is very well made and built to last.

Who Would Buy this Exercise Bike from XS Sports?

We read all of the available reviews to get an accurate picture of who actually buys this machine. People of all heights, shapes and sizes bought this bike. Their main reasons for buying this was to help them lose weight. They found that an upright bike was just too uncomfortable, and this recumbent style suited them better.

Magnetic Resistance Bike Key Features

As you can see from the image to the right, this model does look the part. Like the one above it also has 8 resistance levels. It uses a 4 Kg flywheel.

The seat is comfortable and is easy to adjust. That means that it can cater for people with different heights.


The distance between the inside of the pedals is about 26 cm.

Main Review of the XS Sports BK-RCM Model

This cycle is a very good basic one. It has more than enough features to keep you interested. Please note that it does require the initial assembly to be done. Some buyers said this could be tricky enough. It does come with assembly instructions.

Size & Weight of the Bike

It measures 120 x 61 x 84 cm (47 x 24 x 33") and weighs around 28 Kg (​62 lbs)

What Can it Measure?​

It can measure time, distance, speed, calories burned and also measures your pulse.​ The pulse is measured using sensors, located in the handles close to the seat. The LED is easy to see. It also has an odometer reading.

These are the most basic of settings, but for many people, that is all that is really required. If you need programs that design your workout, you have to buy the more expensive type of recumbent bike.​

Over Sized Pedals​

One of the very good features of this recumbent model, is the over sized pedals. They come with foot straps which allow you to perfectly fit your feet securely. When cycling, and especially if you like longer work outs, that is very important.​

Adjustable Seat​

This XS Sport's model has a padded seat, The seat is also easy to adjust so as you can find a good riding position.​

BK_RCM Warranty & Guarantees Warranty & Guarantees​


It can cater for people who weigh no more than 110 Kg (240 lbs or just  a tad over 17 stones)

Comes with a 12 month warranty

What the Buyers Said?

The best way of finding out if a product is any good is to read what buyers say, once they have bought the product and have had time to use it. Doing that can take up a lot of time. We have done that work for you and have summarised their main opinions below.

The Seat - The seat is comfortable and well padded. the fact that you can adjust this makes it suitable for people of different heights who may want to use the bike.

Effective- Buyers agreed that this bike was effective in terms of helping them achieve their fitness goals. The LED was very useful, and the fact that you could then measure your progress, helped them stay focused on getting fit.

If you want the ultimate in comfort, don't be afraid to place a normal cushion on to the seat of this. It makes a good difference.​

SUMMARY OF the XS Sports Exercise Bike

We are now at the end of our review. We recommend this one as our number two choice. Hopefully we have made our reasons for doing this clear, in the review above.


What Buyers Liked
  • Great value for money
  • It looks really well
  • Well made, sturdy and easy to assemble
Didn't Like
  • Was harder to assemble than some buyers thought.
  • Was a little noisier than expected

Best Offer


Check for Prices and any available discounts at Amazon UK

Recomended by us as the number two choice for a recumbent exercise bike in the UK market

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