York Fitness Active 120 Exercise Bike Review

York Fitness has been developing cutting edge sports technology since 1932. Whether, you have used a weights bench, treadmill or upright exercise bike, the chances are you have come across a York Fitness product.

One of York Fitness’ latest innovation is the York Fitness Active 120. Part of the very popular York Fitness 00” range, the 210 offers 16 levels of magnetic resistance and 18 workout programs. Other notable bikes from the York Fitness cycling range include the York Fitness 110 and York Fitness 210 upright cycles.

As the York Fitness Active 120 is the mid-tier product in the range. This review will discuss whether it is worth buying over the 110 or 210. As well as what real buyers experience when using this product.

York Fitness Active 120 Exercise Bike Detailed Review

What customers love about the York Fitness Active 120

Comfort and Customisation

Most customers agree that the York Fitness Active 120 offered a comfortable riding experience. Customers were impressed with the support provided by the bikes padded saddle.

Additionally, happy buyers were impressed with how customisable the York Fitness Active 120 was. This is thanks to the bikes adjustable seat and handlebars, which provide a custom fit riding experience.

Smooth Riding Experience

The York Fitness Active 120 offers a smooth riding experience according to many happy customers. No matter how hard customers cycled the bike's flywheel rotated smoothly and quietly. Unlike many cheaper models which can be quite shaky and loud when you pick up the pace. Not ideal if you are someone who likes to push yourself to the limits.

Easily Transported

Many customers were pleased with how easy the York Fitness Active 120 was to transport around their homes. The bike only weighs 34 Kg and can be easily moved around your home using its built-in transport wheels. Once you are finished with your workout, simply tilt the bike forward to relocate to a more convenient location.

What customers don't love about the York Fitness Active 120

Mains Power Operated

Some customers were displeased that the York Fitness Active 120’s LCD console was main operated. Meaning the bike must be plugged in to take advantage of its electronic features. Therefore, it is worth noting that should you choose to purchase this bike, you may have to place it in close to a power outlet. Alternatively, there are other upright exercise models such as the JTX Cyclo-5 that have self-generated power options.

York Fitness Active 120 Key Features

LCD Display

The York Fitness Active 120 features an ultra-clear 5.75 inch LCD display. This display lets you view all of your key performance metrics. Which includes Time, Speed, Distance Covered, Watt and Calorie Burn. These stats help riders to maintain workout intensity and measure post workout performance.

The York Fitness Active 120’s LCD also allows the rider to pick from 18 workout programs, 12 of which are pre-set routines. Making adding variety to your workout easier than ever.

16 Levels of Magnetic Resistance

To allow for a tailored workout experience, the York Fitness Active 120 offers 16 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance. Allowing users to customise their workout experience and progress at their own pace. Therefore, whether you are an experienced athlete or a complete beginner this bike can be calibrated to fit your needs.

There are additional benefits of owning a magnetic exercise bike. This includes smooth silent flywheel rotation, minimal maintenance and extended product longevity.

Adjustable Seat

To ensure correct riding form and maximum riding comfort the York Fitness Active 120 offers a large contoured saddle. This saddle is large enough to comfortably seat even the amplest of bottoms but remains narrow enough to reduce friction on the inner thighs.

This saddle can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to provide a tailor fit riding position. TO learn how to correctly calibrate an exercise bike for your height, we recommend reading our indoor cycling set up guide.

Adjustable Handlebar + Hand pulse sensors

In addition to the York Fitness Active 120’s adjustable seat, the bike comes fitted adjustable handlebars. These handlebars double up as hand pulse sensors and allow the rider to effectively measure their workout intensity and post workout recovery.

Pedal Straps

For added stability, the York Fitness Active 120 features two adjustable pedal straps. These straps help secure the rider's feet during workouts. Ultimately, allowing a safer, more comfortable riding experience.

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